The Walking Dead’s “The Other Side” Teases 3 Moments From The Comics – Spoilers

Warning this article contains spoilers of both The Walking Dead TV show and comic book

The morning after The Walking Dead’s The Other Side aired, the water cooler talk is quite mundane.  This episode is thought to have lacked the excitement and interest the last 5 episodes have contained and may be the weakest of the second half of the season.  However, the fourteenth episode of season 7 was full of reveals:

  • Rosita’s character may actually have some substance.
  • Jesus revealed his sexual orientation by telling Maggie about his lack of boyfriends.
    • This felt forced and out of place.  In the comics, they just made it happen naturally and fit Jesus’ character much better.
  • Eugene may have actually turned bad guy and really is “utterly, completely, stone-cold Negan.”
    • There is reason to be upset with this level of betrayal and cowardliness.  On the other hand, you can’t blame him,  right now him and his Tennessee waterfall have it good.
  • Maggie is still on the show.  This is not actually a reveal but after 4 episodes of not showing a character you begin to forget their plot involvement.
    • Maggie and Lauren Cohen are both too big to sideline for 4 weeks.
  • It is apparent that the All Out War will not be happening until season 8.  Seeing as there are only 2 episodes left and that Gimple can squeeze a half a season out of a 4 page subplot it is safe to assume the real action will not start until next fall.

Though that seems like a lot, fans want to see more action and the plot move along faster, not a 10 minute dialogue between Rosita and Sasha, no matter how honest it was. This is where comic book fans have the advantage.  There were at least 3 major events that comic readers may have seen being set up that other fans may have missed

  1. Sasha is not dead, at least not yet – Comic readers may find it hard to not compare Sasha to an Alexandrian named Holly.  In the comics Tyrese did not have a sister, he was with his daughter and neither made it out of the prison.  That being said, Sasha was created solely for the show.  What was not created for the show was Abraham leaving Rosita for another woman.  This woman was Holly.  Holly’s main accomplishment besides sleeping with the biggest mustache on the show was her sacrifice she made for group.  In order to help Rick’s first attack be successful and for him to make it out alive, she sacrificed herself into the Saviors stronghold.  This is similar to Sasha sacrificing herself so Rosita can live.   The kicker is that Negan takes Holly alive which is why it may be safe to assume Sasha may have an episode or two left in her.  However, Holly’s did not live a long life after this and is actually used as a pawn in an attempt to kill Rick…you know how Negan loves his zombified weapons.  During a hostage exchange, Holly has her head covered with a bag, upon removing it Rick discovers a reanimated Holly.   It must be noted that Sasha is a lot more interesting than Holly, reminding us that the show has the ability to upgrade on comic material.
  2. Dwight is about to switch teams –  This should not be a shock to fans regardless of if they like comics or not. Dwight has been putting up with a lot more than a normal man could take.  Negan took his wife, burnt his face, and has turned him against his friends.  In the comics Dwight becomes Rick’s inside man and his key to victory.  At the very end Rosita notices a figure with a crossbow who has been watching her the whole time.  Gimple set some ground work to have you believe that this shadowy figure was Daryl.  However, Daryl is not the only one with a crossbow.  If this truly is Dwight, it is safe to assume that him not raising the alarm means this is the begining of his betrayal.  Hell hath no fury like man burned with an iron.
  3. Gregory is about to screw things up – Man, does Gregory suck or what?  Negan may have crushed the heads of some beloved characters in order to prove a point but at least he isn’t a spineless weasel like Gregory.  Last night’s episode set Gregory up to be in a position to really mess up Rick’s plans.  Gregory expressed his concerns about possibly being usurped to the Saviors.  In return he was given what is assumed to be the location of the Saviors base of operations in case he ever needed them.  In the comics, Gregory beats Rick’s assaulting army to Negan and really screws up what was hoped to be the first and final attack on Negan.  This is the same attack that Holly sacrificed herself for.  If this happens or not, we can hold out hope that we will eventually see Maggie’s wild west vengeance on Gregory.

Though this episode lacked the gusto of the past five it did push the plot forward very subtly.  Season 7 has captured more true to comic moments than the previous seasons, so if that stays the case, fans are in for some pretty big moments the rest of this season.

With great power comes great responsibility, which is why I read and write about comics. Beats running around in spandex. Senior Editor, TMStash.

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