Venom to Launch Sony’s MCU

Connecting films set in a cinematic universe has become a trend for comic book films set by Marvel Studios, is being attempted by Warner Brothers, is working with Fox, and now officially being constructed at Sony.  Collider has the exclussive from Sony stating that on October 5th, 2018, a Sci-Fi/Horror rated R Venom film will kick off its very own Cinematic Universe seperate of Marvel’s, will be tenetively followed by a Black Cat & Silver Sable film, and could very well have nothing to do with Spider-Man at all.  Marvel and Sony may have struck a deal that allows them to SHARE Spider-Man, but the biggest misconception is that Marvel “got spidey back” and is in the drivers seat.  While Spider-Man: Homecoming, who just got a new trailer todayis a collaberative effort from the two which allows Marvel to use the character, don’t count on Sony letting Marvel tell them how things are going to be.  They have a massive library of Marvels best heroes and villains and they intend to use them one way or another.

Now this whole mess of not connecting to Homecoming or the friendly neighborhood wall crawler is unsettling and can either be Sony playing chess with Marvel Studios, or they really have no idea what they are doing.  On one hand they could be banking on Homecoming’s success to give them a bit of leverage that could earn them a corner of the MCU, allowing there to be more connectivity.  On the other, if it becomes another lackluster spidey film, or Fant4stic, this would give them another option that allows them to try something else.  Regardless, they don’t really need to be fully connected to the MCU to work and could use Spider-Man effectively in both with little to no confussion.  I’m not sure jumping on the rated R trend that Fox has been successful with is the kind of treatment that Venom really needs, but a Venom film completely void of Peter Parker and Spider-Man isn’t really a Venom film no matter how they church it up.

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