Vampblade Season Two #4 Con of the Dead Review

Vampblade Season Two #4 Con of the Dead *Created and Written by Jason Martin w/Dave Dwonch* Art by Winston Young & Marco Maccagni * Brought to you by Action Lab Danger Zone 


Warning that this will be a spoiler filled, mature book review. So in other words suck it up buttercup and enjoy the ride!

Vampblade season 2 has continued to deliver our favorite f-bomb dropping fem fetale Katie (aka Vampblade) with her space vamp slaying shenanigans. This time Katie is up to her elbows in slimy worm guts but in a oh so familiar setting; a Comic Con. In the continuation of what appears to be Katie’s adventures at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) she is faced with not only the nightmares of a crowded Con, but new day-walking space vamps as well. Never you fear for no vamp job is too small, no space dick is too big for the new improved Vampblade to handle. When the blades come out to play, Katie doesn’t seem to be in the drivers seat anymore. This makes her both a force to be reckoned with and a menace to the streets of San Diego. You have to pick up a copy and read the book to find out just exactly what I am talking about. See if Katie and her cohorts can manage to defend against this new threat to Comic Con life as we know it.

Vampblade Season Two #4 is chock full of easter eggs and geeky references. I’m talking famous faces, public destruction in an iconic ride and tons of Comic Con goodness. This is sure to give you a chuckle as you have Con flashbacks of your own!  This issue continues to deliver blush worthy lines while still making you laugh and maybe even a little queasy all at the same time.  The art work as always is enough to catch your eye and easily sells this book alone. With gorgeous risque variant covers available for those who want a little more (or a little less). Just ask your local comic book shop to order them for you. I read this book for the naughty laughs, geeky humor and sometimes gory panels. This is a mature book not for all audiences, but I am super okay with that. It is insanely easy for me to give Vampblade a 9/10 this week.

**Plus stay up to date on Vampblade, Zombie Tramp, and Dollface because this summer all 3 of Action Lab’s leading ladies team up for one hell of a crossover in Danger Doll Squad. This promises to be triple the sex, violence and fun!


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