Vampblade #12 Season 1 Conclusion **MATURE Review**

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Vampblade #12 * Written by Jason Martin * Art by Marco Maccagni * Action Lab/Danger Zone* **Mature Readers Only**

Just as things start to really heat up and get going in issue #12 of Vampblade, it is also the conclusion of season 1. An entire year of monthly Vampblade issues has already gone by and this couldn’t have been a better segue into season 2, that picks right back up in March. I’m not here to whine about the ending of season 1, but to review this kick ass book. As always this is will be a spoiler filled, mature review.

Katie is just your normal average girl, a lot like me in fact. She just wants to hang out at her comic book store, catch up on Jessica Jones, maybe get some action. Instead she wields the mystic Vampblade and has to battle cosmic dick slugs on a regular basis. Life is such a drag! 


This issue is the season 1 finale and has Katie fighting her biggest dick to date. The challenges are real people!  The language is off the charts big, bold and colorful as always. The pop culture references are top notch and in abundance for this epic issue. Katie takes on the biggest, baddest “roided-up” Glarkian she has ever faced. Just when you think our fearless fighter is down for the count, Jason Martin changes all the rules on us once again. Katie and the Vampblade merge into one bad ass metal babe. She kicks ass, takes names and is reunited with her nerds in the end. All is well and good, or so you think. Make sure to read the 2 epilogues and you will have a good laugh and find out that maybe not all of Katie’s enemies have been vanquished.

Issue #12 of Vampblade was violent, gory, funny and everything you expect from this mature book. I love that Action Lab/Danger Zone brings us these comic books geared for adults. Kids shouldn’t get to have all the fun! Jason Martin writes a killer script and the art from Marco Maccagni is impressive as always. Bold colors and big boobs will win me over any day of the week. This issue will display the 3 new costume choices for Vampblade season 2, on 3 different variant covers. *Cover your eyes* Costume Choice #1 already won by a landslide by both online votes and sales of that particular variant cover.

Season 2 of Vampblade is gearing up to be even more amazeballs than the last. If you wanna be like the cool kids, you too should be reading Vampblade. I give this issue a 9/10, it is one you will want to for sure add to your collection. 

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