Out of Time: Review of “All-New X-Men” #25

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Previously:  The All-New X-Men have teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to free Jean Grey from Gladiator.  He has put her on trial for the crimes she has yet to commit as the Phoenix.  After doing battle with the Royal Guard young Cyclops throws the gauntlet down, threatening the Shi’ar Emperor with death if he ever thinks about screwing with them again.  Once they all reach Earth, young Cyclops makes a monumental decision.  He has decided to try and make up lost time with his father by leaving the All-New X-Men and going with the Starjammers.

As Beast is having another restless night he is visited by someone.  This familiar looking individual is there to tell him about the great mistake he’s made.  By bringing the Original X-Men to the present he has put every single possible reality and outcome at risk.  He shows him the possible past, present, and future (some quite funny) for his people.  Hank hasn’t truly grasped the gravity of the situation yet, which is the reason for this meeting.  To really push the point home, he is shown all of the possible outcomes where mutant and human kind peacefully coexist are now not possible thanks to his tampering with time.  The identity of his guest is revealed, though I won’t spoil it, but it’s Hanks mess and he doesn’t know how he’s going to clean it up.

Brian Michael Bendis (writer) has successfully made it to the allnewxmen25th issue!!  This has been a great series which has an awesome concept that could really last.  The most interesting thing now is that Beast has no idea about whats been going on with the All-New X-Men since they left and joined the Uncanny X-Men.  It’s going to be very interesting to see how things shake out in the long haul.  David Marquez (art) and Justin Ponsor (color) are two of the many, many (too many to name) fantastic artists that have come together to bring us this 25th anniversary issue.  Thanks to everyone who’s made this series great, here’s to 25 more!!  The story will continue in the pages of All-New X-Men #26, due to hit shelves April 30th.  Until then, be sure to pick up a copy at your local comic shop.

(Marvel Comics)

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