Thor: Ragnarok, The New Standard for Super Hero Movies

Thor: Ragnarok. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchet, Idris Elba, Jeff Goldblum, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Hopkins, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Directed by Taika Waititi Produced by Marvel Studios.

It is simple to see why critics are hailing Thor: Ragnarok as one of the best Marvel movies of all time.  This movie does it’s job at delivering and entertaining for over two hours.  But is it truly better than movies like Captain America: Winter Soldier or Guardians of the Galaxy?   Better might be the wrong word.  However, Thor: Ragnarok brings humor and action sequences that rival both of the aforementioned movies as well as the rest of the MCU.

Though billions of dollars may argue different, fans are less likely to be impressed by the standard Marvel Superhero Formula of late.  Sure it still takes top spot in the box office and makes share holders and executive predators a lot of money.  However, this formula has been played out.  It is the films that break the mold that truly give fans something new to enjoy while keeping the MCU intact (see The Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-man: Homecoming.)

The original two Thor films were part of that original formula and were major stepping stones in creating the MCU.  However, Thor always fell short of his fellow Avenger’s solo films.  Iron Man and Captain America offer relatable characters that you can cheer for, relate to and even envy.  While no one really can relate to the Lord of Thunder who flies around with the help of a magic hammer (Mjolnir) while wearing a red cape and a winged helmet.  No matter how mighty and cool you think Thor is, he can also be a little boring and his first two films experienced the same fate.  Thor suffers from the Superman effect; how do you make a hero with little vulnerability and a dated image come across as exciting.  The original solution was to surround him with rich mythology and mythical villains, which made for lack luster films.

Thankfully director, Taika Waititi, knew the answer to make Thor: Ragnarok succeed where the other films have failed.  The answer was to not take Thor too serious.  He said, yeah we can still have beautiful giant action sequences and rich mythology that we pretend to comprehend, but we also have a Hulk.  By making this film half classic Thor and half buddy comedy, Waititi gave us the film we never realized the Marvel Universe was missing until now.

Adventure and laughter were only part of what made this movie so rewatchable.  The casting, crossovers and cameos were another part.  Jeff Goldblum manages to steal every scene he was in, while Tessa Thompson drinks and fights her way into our hearts.  Not to mention some very predictable and less predictable hilarious cameos.

Beyond that it was all the details and extra love that was put into this film.  Every character had a purpose or reason for being on screen.  Every set was splendid in it’s very unique way.  The score was strongly composed.  And this film was even able to increase their CGI budget by reducing their Syndication License to one song, proving that a soundtrack can consist of one track as long as it is the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.

Marvel will continue to dominate the box office as long as they continue to out do themselves like they did with Thor.  This movie is fun for everyone, comic lovers and novices a like, and most importantly it is very rewatchable.  Is it now the best film in Marvel’s arsenal? My wife sure thinks so.


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