“The Walking Dead” Surviving the Herd: ‘Prey’


“Prey” opens with a flashback of Andrea and MIchonne around a camp fire during their time together between seasons 2 and 3.

With Michonne’s initial introduction, fans had many questions about who her “pet” walkers were?  For the first time Andrea questioned her directly about them.  Michonne stated, “They deserved what they got,” and “They weren’t human to begin with.”  The implication was that no only had Michonne known these men, but that she despised them as well.

We transition to the Governor being all sinister preparing his torture chamber for his soon to be captured victim.  It is clear from his item preparation that he not only wants to inflict a lot of damage, but that he wants to keep the person alive as well.


We then go to Milton explaining to Andrea about the collection of the guns for the impending battle.  Milton tells Andrea that Michonne is the person the Governor wants, and that he is going to kill the rest of the group.  On an upper balcony above the torture chamber, they both see the horrors that the Governor has in store for Michonne.  Andrea takes out her gun and is going to end this once and for all, when Milton stops her.  He thinks there is a person inside the monster that the Governor has become.

As Andrea is trying to leave to warn the group, Martinez takes her weapon.  She continues on and escapes, tipping off Tyrese and Sasha on the way out.  Tyrese is beginning to understand the problems within the sanctuary of Woodbury.

Tyreese and Sasha end up telling the Governor about Andrea leaving.  Milton ends up letting the Governor know about Andrea’s escape, and the fact that she now knows what the Governor’s has planned for Rick’s group.

We learn more of the backstory of Tyrese’s group, learning that Allen has had a problem with Tyrese over how his wife was so dependent on him.  This obviously led to much contention within their group, presenting a problem that was ignored until now.  This group was assigned to gather walkers at the “pits”, a hole dug to trap walkers for future use.  The fight between Tyrese and Allen culminated in Tyrese holding Allen over the pit, showing his dominance.walkingdead_hidenseek

Andrea is running on the highway, until she hears a truck approaching fast.  She hides in the woods to evade detection and ends up having to fight 3 walkers in a pretty vicious  battle.  She is detected while crossing a field and the Governor chased her into a warehouse.  This scene is easily the most suspenseful moment of the episode, with the Governor hunting her throughout the building.  Andrea eventually unleashes a giant group of walkers on him as she makes her escape.  Just in sight of the prison and a new home, the Governor tackles Andrea crushing any hope of rescue.

We then see an unknown person at the pits setting the walkers on fire, hampering any intent to use them as a weapon.

The Governor goes back to Woodbury, where he is told about the pits being destroyed.  Tyrese spoke to the Governor letting him know that he wanted to stay and wouldn’t be a problem.  The Governor asked him about the gasoline, and Tyresse didn’t know what he was talking about.  The episode ends with a shot of Andrea locked inside The Governors dungeon.


“The Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9/8C on AMC.  What did you think of the episode?  Leave your comments below.




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