The Walking Dead Season Finale Was Not for the fans [Spoilers]

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 The Walking Dead season 7 came to an end in Last Day on Earth just as everyone thought it would. Negan made his debut, Rick and Co. learned that Eugene wasn’t the only one to bite off more than he could chew and someone had their head bashed in by Negan. The only thing no one saw coming was that the show runners were not going to reveal who the victim was.  Instead they felt the need to string us along until next season with what is going down as the dumbest cliffhanger in television history.  If you take to Twitter you will learn that fans are upset and they have every right to be.  Everyone has been waiting for and anticipating this episode, hoping that it would be the biggest yet.  I personally was worried that I would have trouble sleeping after the violent death of a cast member.  Instead of heartbreak I just went to bed annoyed and wondering what I could have done with those 90 minutes instead of being disappointed on my couch.  

The Walking Dead has two finales a season, one at midseason and one at the end.  This just means Scott M. Gimple has two chances a year to disappoint fans and abuse the word “finale” worse than Porch Dick abused his wife.  We saw it in November when the big finale was Deanna getting killed, wow, no one is safe, not even the replaceable 3rd tier characters.  Now we saw failure again, this time in the place of the big death ending in a cliff hanger and leaving us to spend all Spring and Summer wondering who it was on the business end of Negan’s bat (Lucile).  

Well that is the issue, I am going to be going to weddings, enjoying the nice weather with my family, and maybe on those rainy days watching other shows.  I am not going to be obsessing over who was killed, in fact I will only think about how much they let down their viewers.  They let us down by not ending the show with one of our favorite cast members lying lifeless with half a head.  Instead they opted to bash in any momentum they may have had.

Last Day on Earth did a fantastic job building the tension, anxiety and momentum building to the debut of Negan.  Going into this episode you have a Rick who is confident (possibly arrogant) and thinking he has everything under control.  However for the first 60 minutes Rick begins to realize that he is dealing with something unlike any of the evils he has seen.  They have numbers, they are organized and they have a road block of Walkers.  You can see the hope slowly fading from Rick’s face, which is a testament to Andrew Lincoln’s acting.  Or maybe someone just told him how they were going to end that episode.  Either way they did a great job build up to the big event.  Unfortunately all that hard work was wasted on a cliffhanger, when this could go down as their Issue #100 (see below)..

On the Talking Dead, Gimple’s logic was that this person’s death would be the start of a new chapter and that is why it will wait to be revealed in season 7.  I think that is a cop out, just look at issue #100 which was the first appearance of Negan and the basis of last night’s episode.  In that issue it was the ending of the current story arc and the lead into the next chapter of The Walking Dead.  Robert Kirkman celebrated this centennial by rewarding the fans with Negan bashing Glenn’s head in with Lucile.  Because he knew that would be a big enough of a hook to bring back readers while feeding their hunger for death and destruction at the same time.  But instead of following that aspect of the comic, the show rewarded their viewers with a lame first person shooter video game death with zero satisfaction.

Well you may argue that AMC does not owe us anything, but I beg to differ.  We should get some kind of consolation prize for sticking through 5 months of 15 episodes that could have be consolidated into 5.  I won’t even talk about that 90 minute waste of time back story on Morgan.  To be fair this season did have some high parts, including; Jesus, the first episode of the second half that should have been the midseason finale, and the high intensity raid on the Saviors outpost.  However, by not rewarding us with a real death scene with a real victim they show runners turned this entire season into one filler episode that was just building to season 7.

Now just like Lincoln the entire cast was phenomenal, especially the new guy.  I feel like this poor ending may have taken away from the performance of Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  We should have been talking much sooner about his great portrayal of one of comic’s greatest villains of all time.  For over 10 minutes JDM (Morgan) commanded the stage.  It was his show for that last act of the finale and he owned it.  From his appearance, to his demeanor, he brought Negan alive.  If I had any complaints it was that he played him a little too serious, I always felt the comic character was more of this giant man child who treated this world as more of a game.  However, you expected him to add his own personality to the character and for this show it worked.  If this series has taught me anything besides disappointment (sorry, I am laying it on thick) it is that even though it is following the comics as32D25F8B00000578-0-The_villain_Negan_played_by_Jeffrey_Dean_Morgan_made_his_full_de-m-9_1459738907563 a guide it is still it’s own beast.

Which brings me to the dialogue of Negan.  This was mainly taken out of the comics, minus about 30 “Fucks”.  I knew this was going to happen with it being on AMC who does not have the same privileges that HBO or Showtime have.  It may have just been since I read the comic books but that really took away from the dialogue.  They tried to make up for it with a bunch of “shits” but in the end it just seemed a little empty, but that wasn’t JDM’s fault.  I think when they write Negan’s lines for season 7 they need to take a page out of how they write Abraham’s lines (e.g. son of a dick & Mother Dick). They need to get creative with the swearing or start paying the FCC some fucking fines!

Speaking about next season, now that we have been greatly disappointed do we have anything to look forward to?  

Morgan and Carol met some new friends…this was after they bored us into walkers with their meaningless dialogue that took up so much time they had to make this episode 90 minutes.  But I think we will soon be learning who these horse riding hockey players are.  Comic fans are already have a pretty good idea about where this is going, but we will have to wait to see if we are right. If you don’t read the comics but like spoiling things for yourself like my good friend Jason Biggs, then spend some of your work day googling “Walking Dead Kingdom.”

We still need to see if Alexandria is still standing after Rick left it in control to Father Gabriel.  A man who wanted to exile Rick and feed his entire flock to hungry walkers so he wouldn’t starve.  All kidding aside I do enjoy what they have done with Father Gabriel this season, I think Kirkman may have forgot he even exists in the comics. As for the show they have been building him into a substantial character and I can’t think they had that scene for no reason.  I suspect while Negan has the majority of the crew detained something bad must be happening back home.

Speaking of things going bad back in  Alexandria, what is up with Enid?  Did she get out of the closet?  I mean I know we are meant to believe Carl cares greatly for her.  However, this future serial killer just tossed her in the closet and as far as I could tell he didn’t even tell anyone.  He just jumped in the RV and peaced out.

Oh and I also think in Season 7 we will find out who died that Duke Nukem-esq death. If I was a betting man I would put 5 jars of Nutella on it being Glenn.  This is my reasoning for that:

  1. They wanted to make Negan’s entrance impactful and leaving a mark on the other survivors.  What better way than to kill a character we have known since the beginning? (Note. Before you send me hate mail, it was his voice at the very end of the pilot coming through on the walkie talkie).
  2. This will allow Maggie to grow into a much more important character in season 7 and 8. She plays a much more pivotal role in the comics after Glenn meets Lucille. By killing Glenn you will have a much deeper impact on a single individual then you would if it were a loner like Daryl.
  3. Like I said, I am a fan of the comics and some of the best episodes or events have stayed true to the comic. Even if it is too late to save the finale, it is not too late to make it right.
  4. I think Glenn’s character has developed as much as he could while the other big name on the chopping block, Daryl, has not.  

These are just a few of my reasons for thinking it is Glenn, but who knows, they may even push learning who it is until season 8 at this rate.  As of now I will not put anything past Gimple, no matter how stupid or soul crushing.

After watching my most anticipated episode of one of my favorite shows I am left unsatisfied and really let down by the producers.  This was going to be the episode everyone looked forward to talking about at the water-cooler or in class, but instead we will all be discussing our disappointment.  Well at least we have Game Of Thrones starting soon.  A show that has the common courtesy to show us who the big deaths, even if people are still debating if he is actually dead, I will tell you one thing, Jon Snow did not crawl under the dumpster.

So will I give up on this show and should you?  I think they have made it impossible with this stunt, which may have been the plan.  However, if they would have done it right they would not have needed a cheap stunt to bring back unsatisfied fans.  32D2708000000578-3522206-image-a-43_1459743078220

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