The Only Remedy: Review of “Clone” #8 (Image Comics)

Previously:  Luke fought, lost, and survived an encounter with his Beta clone.  Luke chose to follow the Beta back to the cloning facility and stop him from taking out all the Alpha clones.  Luke arrives a bit late to save the clones, but makes it just in time to save his father and staff.  Their victory celebration is cut short when Luke falls to the ground in pain with blood running from his nose.  His condition has just resurfaced.

!!!  Spoiler Alert  !!!

At the facility where Luke’s wife and child are located, they are conducting tests on his child in order to get their cloning program going.  His wife is saved from her new body guard by her old one, the tattooed clone of her husband, and rewards him with a kiss.  Meanwhile, Luke is being rushed to the one person who can save him, his mother.  When he was just a boy, his mother used a Native American CLONE8-COVER_webremedy that seemed to suppress his condition.  After he awakens, it is revealed that his condition is related to his adrenal glands.  He needs to rest, or he could reactivate the condition and die.  He decides to leave and go after his family, because at this point they’re the only thing that matters anymore.  Back at the research facility, a “patched up” Beta is sent to the reservation to take out Luke once and for all.  The scientist cannot figure out why the child’s DNA is not working.  The scientist is fired and the riddle is placed in the hands of none other than the Gama clone!

Clone is published by Image Comics, created by David Schulner.  It is penned by David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg, and Wade McIntyre.  Juan Jose Ryp and Andy Troy are on art stations, respectively.  Another day, another clone!  Luke is tough, and looks to have a rematch with the deadly Beta.  It was also cool to get a look at the next clone, Gama.  Clone #9 should be hitting the shelves by July 23rd.  As always, be sure to check out this and other great titles from Image at your local comic shop!

Source(Photo): Image Comics

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