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Welcome back to The Great 8’s – our look at 8/10 rated indie comics you’ll find at your comic shop NOW! These are among the very best titles from indie publishers today, and this week our list includes DOCTOR WHO: THE TENTH DOCTOR #11 and ELEVENTH DOCTOR #11, both from Titan,  RINGSIDE #3 from Image, and ATOMIC ROBO: THE RING OF FIRE #5 from IDW. Let’s get started with…

DOCTOR WHO: THE TENTH DOCTOR YEAR TWO #11 (Titan) – “Medicine Man” part 2 gives us some outstanding action…with a HUGE twist that leads us to our next arc. That’s really the story of the Doctor – just when you think all is lost, the Doctor comes through…but just when you think things are about to become easy……. Nick Abadzis continues to provide outstanding scripts for this series, with art from one of our favorite artists, Elena Casagrande (with colors by Arianna Florean with Azurra Florean, and layout assist by Simone Di Meo and Luca Maresca). One of the great challenges of bringing a TV show to print is getting an effective translation of the main characters…and Casagrande and company are spot-on. 8/10

DOCTOR WHO: THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR YEAR TWO #11 (Titan) – The Doctor is leading a very interesting team (including companion Alice) into the middle of…something that has to be seen to be believed. This issue has Ablsom Daak (courtesy of Panini Comics)…with some scene-stealing moments in the book. “The Judas Goatee” is a great issue for the Eleventh Doctor. The script is by Si Spurrier, with artwork by Warren Pleece (with colors by Hi-Fi). 8/10

RINGSIDE #3 (Image) – Joe Keatinge’s story makes me feel like I’m sitting backstage at some of the great wrestling shows of the 1980’s (and the font for “CMW” wrestling reminds me of the font used by some-wrestling-company-you-may-have-heard-about back then). It’s a great mix of in-ring action, back-room deals and serious danger that is more than just a shoot. Nick Barber’s and Simon Gough’s artwork is perfect for this tale, and I’m enjoying every issue of RINGSIDE! 8/10

ATOMIC ROBO: THE RING OF FIRE #5 (IDW) – This arc of one of the most amazing characters in comics comes to a close as Robo tries to stop something that threatens all of humanity…and tries to land back on earth without being fried to a crisp. ATOMIC ROBO is an all-too-rare mix of excellent action, a highly intelligent and witty script, and great artwork. This book should drive you to look for earlier stories, and to the webcomic as well – and should also have you anxiously awaiting Brian Cleavinger’s next script, along with the excellent artwork of Scott Wegener (with colors by Anthony Clark) 8/10

That’s it for the Great 8’s – also check out our 10 SPOT and PRESSED TO THE 9’s lists for more of the best in indie comics today!

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