The Game of Thrones, Over the Wall ‘Walk of Punishment’

Last weeks episode reminded me that the writers of this show are not afraid to take a chance.  In fact, this episode left me wishing the writers for this show had also been writing AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’.  Fans of the show as well as the comic books should be able to agree that the ending scene with Jamie Lanistar would have fit really well in the first half of ‘The Walking Dead’ season three.  That being said, last weeks episode was amazing.  With many of the scenes feeling important to the progression of the story its hard to pick the most important this week.

brienneBrienne of Tarth and Jamie Lanistar:  This odd couple really bond during their capture.  In their opening scene we see Jamie warning Brienne that she is going to be raped, and that if she’s smart she’ll just take it.  Brienne of course does not end up heeding these warnings.  She does put up a good fight, but in the end it’s Jamie who protects her.  The juxtaposition of Jamie showing his heart and then immediately  having his hand cut off by their captors was shocking.  The writers did a perfect job of shocking their viewers.  Which is what makes this scene, in my opinion, the most important in the episode.  While there are more important story arcs in this episode, this scene reminds us that nobody is safe from harm.

jonJon Snow: The army north of the wall are finally about to make a move bigger than marching south.  After walking up on a symbol, made  up of dead horse parts, left for them to find by the white walkers, the army of the north decided its time to take action.  Since the men of the nights watch seem to have been defeated north of the wall, Mance decides its time to attack.  He orders Jon, along with a small group of men, to go and take castle black.  Again, this scene feels short and almost unimportant, but I think its setting up an amazing scene for tonight’s episode.

impTyrion “The Imp” Lanistar: The Imp finally gets some power back, even if its probably the worst job a spoiled little brat could have.  The Imp has been made master of  coin, relieving Baelish of his duties.  I’m glad to see the Imp with power again.  In fact we should all be.  As one of the most interesting characters in the show season three has been weak for him.  Now that he has regained some of the power he had in season two, we get to watch him play.  We also find out some interesting details about Kingslanding from his appointment.  It turns out that Baelish has put Kingslanding in quite a bit of debt.  The Imp is immediately worried by this as he explains what debt is to Bronn.  While this appointment may not play a huge roll in the next few episodes I believe it will turn out to be a major plot point for the future of the Throne.

There were so many great things going on this episode that its hard to pick just a few important pieces. There is a touching scene between Arya and Hot Pie as he decided to leave the trio to stay at an Inn as a cook.  We see Rob Stark show his kings pride as well as his intelligence as he scolds his cousin for not following orders.  We also have Daenerys Targaryen trading a dragon to free the slave soldiers and build her army.  This a huge moment for such a small scene.  All in all it was an amazing episode.  If you haven’t scene it you must watch it before tonight’s episode.



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