The Game of Thrones, Over the Wall: “And Now his Watch has Ended”

Darnerys Targaryen and her dragon were the stars of last weeks episode. While there were many amazing and important scenes in the episode, but none as impressive as the closing scene. In fact, in my opinion, the Targaryen house may be have just made all the plotting happening in Westeros pointless. However, we are not at the end yet. Before tonight’s episode continue reading for a refresher on what we felt were the important story arcs and scenes.

Darnerys Targaryen: Obviously her story was the most important last week. For those who don’t remember, in the previous episode Darnerys promises a dragon to Kraznys for 8000 soldiers. I believe most people saw through this lie, but for those who didn’t the last scene shows Darnerys going back on her word, saving and freeing her soldiers. In this scene we also learn that Darnerys has been able to understand Kraznys for the entirety of her stay. This is not a good sign for Kraznys immediate future. With this revelation, she commands her dragon to burn Kraznys. After this brutal show of force Darnerys tells her soldiers they are free to go if they don’t want to fight in her army. No body leaves. The show ends with her mighty force marching towards the iron throne.

margJeoffry, Margaery, Cersei: Though the three don’t share a great amount of screen time together, this week showed, Margaerys control of Jeoffry growing. While the three take a tour of the tombs, with a bloody history lesson from Jeoffry, we see Margaery showing more interest in Geoffrys words than anyone ever has. Of course this is her strengthening her control over him. We are shown this when she convinces him to greet his people saying, “If you show them love, they will return it a thousand fold”. This of course irritates Cersei. I believe it frustrates her that Margaery so easily controls Jeoffry while she, his own mother, is powerless to control him. Cersei is worried Margaery is going to end up taking the thrown from the Lannisters, which could possibly turn to be true.

Samwell Tarly: While I know Sam is not a main character, and is most ways is completely forgettable. In this episode he finally takes the chance to be a man instead of a coward. When the men of the nights watch turn on both the leader and Craster, who has been keeping care over them, Sam runs from the blood shed to save Gilly and her new born son. Again, this scene is not overly important to the main story arcs, but it was nice to see Sam finally show some backbone. Will the three survive in the wilderness behind the wall? I’m not sure, but I hope so.samsam

With so many good scenes its hard to pick those in which to elaborate on. There was a fantastic scene between Varys and Tyrion in which we learn part of Varys back story. We also have the Hound and Arya with the brotherhood. While I feel Arya is safe, I’m worried about the Hound. This week he will have to fight to defend his honor. I am personally a fan of the Hound so I hope to see him win. Finally we have Theron Greyjoy, who is in a bad spot. He’s been forsaken by his father, The Starks want him dead, and his captors released him only to lead him all the way back to his torture chamber. One thing is certain, Game of Thrones continues to provide content that keeps us hooked. Don’t forget to watch tonight.


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