The 10 Spot – Our TOP Reviewed Indie Titles for 5-7-2014

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Welcome to another installment of The 10 Spot – a quick round-up of the very best books from indie publishers this week. Kicking off this week’s 10 Spot is…

ARCHER & ARMSTRONG # 20 – EVERYHING MAKES SENSE NOW!  At least, if you are the ultimate conspiracy theorist, everything makes sense NOW!  Writer Fred Van Lente has already connected the entire Valiant Universe in one giant conspiracy…but this issue raises the stakes even higher.  Pere Perez’s art and David Baron’s colors continue to keep the high standards you’ve come to expect from this excellent series.  HOW can you get bigger than the entire universe?  Just check this out!  10/10

RED SONJA # 9 – In her search for the best of everything for a king who has promised to free 1000 slaves, Sonja is now looking for the world’s best courtesan.  This is especially tough for the She-Devil who has been looking for some company…any company…without success of late.  Both Sonja and the “Princess of Pillowing” (honest, that’s a direct quote) wonder what might have happened if only things had turned out differently, and Sonja fights in a very different garb than you’ve ever seen.  A tremendous story by Gail Simone is complimented perfectly with Walter Geovani’s artwork and Adriano Lucas’ colors.  10/10

THE BLACK BAT #10 – Snate ISN’T the real man behind the scene.  Just who IS will shock you…not to mention Tony Quinn!  This is superhero noir at its best, with high intrigue and tension you can cut with a knife. Brian Buccellato continues to write an excellent script for this series, with great artwork by Ronan Cliquet and excellent colors by Viviane Souza.  10/10

TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER #4 – Dinosaurs are everywhere…land, sea and air! The battle with the invading Crusaders is at fever pitch.  Amazing artwork with stunning battle scenes mark the 4th issue of this great series. Greg Pak has created villains we love to hate and a hero worth following for a very long time.  The wonderful artwork is courtesy of Mirko Colak with excellent color work by Lauren Affe.   10/10

That’s it for our 10 Spot this week – but we still have more great indie comics in our “Pressed to the Nines” feature and our “Great Eights”. And, keep checking in throughout the week with TMStash for all your news, reviews and commentary!

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