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Welcome to another installment of The 10 Spot – a quick round-up of the very best books from indie publishers this week. Kicking off this week’s 10 Spot is…

SIDEKICK #11 (Image/Joe’s Comics) – I was wrong…I thought there was no way to top the events that have already happened in this amazing series.  No spoilers here, but WOW! I was both shocked and creeped out…and I want to go back and read it again! You’ll learn something that places the whole series in a new light…in another stellar script by J. Michael Straczynski. The artwork is amazing once again (no surprise at all there) thanks to Tom Mandrake, with colors by HiFi. 10/10

SONS OF THE DEVIL #3 (Image) – Travis’ life is still going slowly down the drain…but this issue brings a twist for him just when he reaches what he thinks is his low point. One piece of advice…don’t watch the video that accompanies this series until you’ve read THIS issue. Things are definitely getting warmed up, and I’m looking forward to whatever may come next. Another great script by Brian Buccellato, and Toni Infante’s art ( with color assist from Mado Pena) sets the mood perfectly for every scene. Buccellato has definitely done his homework on cults, bringing them in with brutal efficiency in SONS OF THE DEVIL. 10/10

SWORDS OF SORROW: RED SONJA & JUNGLE GIRL #1 (Dynamite) – The challenge in this amazing event at Dynamite is bringing together such different characters from a wide variety of worlds and eras and making them click. Marguerite Bennett does that and more in this excellent chapter in SWORDS OF SORROW. This is one of the better chapters in what has already become one of the top event arcs of 2015. The artwork by Mirka Andolfo is exceptional, giving us a fresh take on the characters that I truly enjoyed. 10/10

That’s it for our 10 Spot this week – but we still have more great indie comics in our “Pressed to the Nines” feature and our “Great Eights”. And, keep checking in throughout the week with TMStash for all your news, reviews and commentary!

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