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Welcome once again to THE 10 SPOT – our roundup of the very best books from indie publishers each week. This week brings us DEJAH THORIS #1 from Dynamite, NAILBITER #20 from Image, and KLAUS #3 from BOOM! Let’s get started with…

DEJAH THORIS #1 (Dynamite) – Full disclosure here – I was never a fan of Dejah Thoris…until now. This reboot of the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs character is given a twist that goes to the core of the character, raising her to the throne..and then taking everything away! Frank Barbiere is one of our favorite writers, so it isn’t surprising that this would be an amazing book. The redesign of the character’s look is perfect, and what’s more it makes sense within the storyline. That’s thanks to the excellent artwork of Francesco Manna (with colors by Morgan Hickman). Not surprised by the quality of this book, not given the creative team – still impressed with the debut issue. 10/10

NAILBITER #20 (Image) – WOW! What an ending to the latest arc of NAILBITER! Joshua Williamson had more than one HUGE surprise in this issue, giving us a great look forward to the next arc, “Bound by Blood”…and I can’t wait to see what happen next! This tale of serial killers just gets darker and more chilling by the issue – and for NAILBITER that’s a great thing. Mike Henderson’s artwork (with Adam Guzowski’s colors) continues to be spot-on for this amazing story. 10/10

KLAUS #3 (BOOM!) – Now THIS is a Santa I can cheer for any day of the week! Grant Morrison’s KLAUS gives us a kick-ass origin story that has very little to do with a belly that’s “like a bowl full of jelly”. No, this Klaus is truly awe-inspiring – and the spirit of joy he brings is sorely needed in this town without hope. Dan Mora’s illustrations transport the reader to a world filled with wonder – with excellent expression and terrific action at the same time. This is a great book for any time of year. 10/10

That’s it for this week’s 10 SPOT – but we aren’t done yet with our round-up of great indie books! Be sure to look for PRESSED TO THE 9’s and THE GREAT 8’s for more reviews of amazing indie comics!

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