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Welcome to another installment of The 10 Spot – a quick round-up of the very best books from indie publishers this week. Kicking off this week’s 10 Spot is…

THE DAMNATION OF CHARLIE WORMWOOD #5 (Dynamite) – Charlie’s world is crumbling, and there seems to be no part of his life where Charlie Wormwood can catch a break. His father is in a coma, his marriage is crumbling, his friend is in danger at work, and his son is still critically ill in a hospital…and Charlie has no insurance. That leads to more and more difficult choices for Charlie Wormwood, in a powerful story that is appointment reading for this reviewer. Christina Blanch and Chris Carr script this amazing story, with art by Chee. 10/10

SIDEKICK #10 (Image/Joe’s Comics) – The former Flyboy and current villain known only as Sidekick finally is face-to-face with the Red Cowl. This is an amazing battle with a SHOCKING ending…do NOT miss it! J. Michael Straczynski’s story deconstructs the sidekick (little “s”) genre with a wicked glee, and it makes for one of the best stories going in comics today. Tom Mandrake nails the art here (with colors by HiFi). 10/10

SHELTERED #15 (Image) – This fantastic series comes to an end as we see the aftermath of the raid on Safe Haven. This has been an exceptionally wild ride, one that concludes on a high note…with an ending that…nope, not spoiling it here, but if you’ve been reading the series I think you’ll agree it is a most fitting end. Ed Brisson and Johnnie Christmas co-created this amazing series (with colors by Shari Chankhamma). 10/10

NINJAK #1 (Valiant) – This fan-favorite character gets a solo title, and the start to this series knocks it out of the park. This mix of origin tale and present day action should satisfy even the most ardent Ninjak fans out there. Matt Kindt writes this story, with killer artwork by Clay Mann (pencils), Seth Mann (inks), and Ulises Arreola (colors). 10/10

UNITY #16 (Valiant) – It may be odd to talk about an action-oriented title as a beautiful story, but that’s exactly what this is – one of the most beautiful tales I’ve read in quite some time. Matt Kindt pens a story that takes a break from some of the more intense tales of recent issues, centering on the Eternal Warrior and someone from his past. It’s a fantastic story, with amazing art from Pere Perez and great colors from Brian Reber. 10/10

That’s it for our 10 Spot this week – but we still have more great indie comics in our “Pressed to the Nines” feature and our “Great Eights”. And, keep checking in throughout the week with TMStash for all your news, reviews and commentary!

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