Swag Picks: Drinks and Duds

This week in The Stash, our staff helps you dress fashionably nerdy as well as drink in style.  We also break down some Funko Pops! and a must have art book.

Hero Within Batman Blazer

$199.00 at Hero Within

There is a meme circling the internet of a man sitting at a conference table with the caption, “my boss told me ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have.’ Now, I’m sitting in a disciplinary meeting dressed as Batman.”  Thanks to Hero Within that no longer has to be a hilarious meme.  Hero Within is striving to mix geeky pop culture with sophisticated style which combine with awesome results.  If your told that your Batman t-shirt isnt appropriate for the office or the theater then Hero Within has your solution! A black (or grey) blazer with a subtle Bat-symbol stitch outline on the outside and a utility belt inspired bright yellow lining with lots of storage for your cellphone, batarang, credit cards and shark repellent. They also sell jackets inspired by other Justice League heroes.

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Milk and Cheese Pint Glass Set

$20.00 at Darkhorse.com

Milk and Cheese hate you. But they love drinking and violence. Honor the former passion of everyone’s favorite wedge of hate and carton of spite with this set of pint glasses begging to be filled with your favorite poison. Dark Horse has the cure for what ails you here for $20. Warning: do not put in the dishwasher or within the hands of misanthropic dairy products.  – Reviewed by Kevin

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Star Wars Rebels Villains Funko Pop!

$20.00 – $45.00 at Walmart.com

Who doesn’t love a good Funko Pop!?  Well the company has some pretty cool news for fans of Star Wars Rebels.  It’s time to dabble in the dark side as four new baddies will be joining the Funko Pop! family.  The Grand Inquisitor, Fifth Brother, and Seventh Sister Sith Inquisitors.  These characters have been dispatched by Lord Vader to aid him in wiping out all remaining Jedi while discovering new force sensitive beings to exploit.  These folks have given some serious trouble to the Ghost crew but not as much as the fourth, Maul.  Of corse the Maul I’m referring to is the fallen Sith Lord from the prequels who survived and is currently on a collision corse with Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine.  While the trio of Sith Inquisitors are Wal-Mart exclusives, Maul can only be obtained in March through their Star Wars Smugglers Bounty mystery box. -Reviewed by Geronimo

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The Art of Jock

(Artbook of artist Jock)
$37.42 at Amazon.com

Our favorite one name artist since Prince and Madonna would be the comic artist Jock!  He may actually be above Madonna the more we think about it (she got weird..er).  Jock has been dazzling the pages of comics ranging from Batman to his indie with Scott Snyder, Wytches.  Jock has a unique style that very much deserves an entire book.  With commentary from many of the great writers that were lucky enough to work with Jock, this book is full of all his best comic work and movie posters.  Unfortunately you are too late to get his Mondo Edition, however for $38 you can still get a great book that will make that ugly coffee table of yours much better looking.

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Twin Peaks Funko Pop

$10.99 at Entertainmentearth.com

I’ve got good news. In advance of the premiere of Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival series on Sunday, May 21st, Funko has announced two lines of licensed collectibles. In the 3 3/4” set you get Special Agent Dale Cooper, The Log Lady, Killer BOB, and the corpse of Laura Palmer. Twin Peaks characters being added to the absurdly irrepressible POP! vinyl line include those four, in addition to Audrey Horne, Leland Palmer, and Carel Struycken’s Giant as a chase figure. No word yet on when David Duchovny’s transgender DEA agent Denise Bryson will be immortalized in vinyl. You can pre-order them all today. Let’s rock. – Reviewed by Kevin

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January Loot Crate

$15.99 at Lootcrate.com

Lootcrate is the monthly subscription box that started it all by sending looters a box of assorted nick-nacks and apparel geared towards the gaming, comic, pop, and geek culture.  Each month has a specific theme, pin with online code, and interactive packaging.  As a subscriber for several years I can tell you that each month can be hit and miss depending on your tastes, but I’ve always found at least one thing to get excited about each month.  This past January’s theme was “Origin” and included a Mario t-shirt, Captain America Golden Age Shield replica, one of 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Geeki Tikis (I got Leo), a reprint of Action Comics #1, and the monthly pin with an online redeemed code for a digital copy of IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1-5.  This months box can be folded into a custom storage/display comic box.  The basic monthly Lootcrate subscription is $15.99 or get more lewt with Lootcrate DX for $44.99.  They also have an expanded line of crates that offer a more specific focus.  You can generally buy past crates if you missed one and your social media lootcrate posts can be featured in the monthly magazine. -Reviewed by Geronimo

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Please let us know your thoughts on any of our Staff Picks and/or if you have any cool geek swag you would like us to feature.

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