The Walking Dead, Surviving the Herd: ‘Arrow on the Doorpost’

This week on the Walking Dead the two groups “peacefully” interact.  The episode opens up with Rick, Daryl, and Hershel approaching an abandoned building.  Rick enters the building where the Governor lies in wait.  “We have a lot to talk about” are the first spoken words in the episode spoken from a smirking Governor.  This sets the scene for the rest of the episode.TWD+S3E13+10

While Rick and the Governor talk, Martinez, Milton, and Andrea arrive to provide back up along with conversation for Ricks gang.  These character provide the only zombie action for the whole episode.  After Daryl and Martinez size each other up, we have a few zombies show up.  While the two henchmen taunt each other, Andrea steps into action putting the zombie down.  This leads too Daryl and Martinez showing off by taking down a few zombies with style.  While this action is welcomed, what’s happening between Rick and the Governor is where the real entertainment comes from.TWD_GP_313_1012_0076

Rick comes this meeting hoping to peaceful end their quarrel, the Governor has other plans.  The Governor explains that they’re is no way the two groups can live next to each other.  He claims that since Rick and his gang attacked his town.   He stated that letting them live would make him appear weak and he may lose trust of his people.  This tactic does little to scare Rick, which forces the Governor to change his tone.  The Governor tells Rick to bring Michonne to him, and in turn he would let them have their space.  We soon learn that the Governor has no plans in honoring this deal.

While the group are out at this meeting, we have filler with everyone back at the prison.  We see Merle attempt to convince everyone that they should go attack the Governor while he’s not behind his walls.  Glenn tries his best to stop Merle, but he ends up needing help from the rest of the gang.  This leads us to Glenn and Maggie finally making up with a slightly sweet and overly sexy scene.

Untitled3The episode wraps up with with Rick meeting with everyone in the prison.  He lets them know that they are now at war with Woodbury. This was easily the most intense scene in the episode, and a fitting beginning to the end of their life at the prison.  However, Rick does leave out the fact that he could trade Michonne for protection.  He only trusts that bit of information for Hershel as the episode closes.  He was hoping Hershel’s moral compass will keep him from giving her up.  While their future is uncertain, it is clear now that people are going to die and that the time to fight is close at hand.

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