Summertime Show-Hole Solutions!

Who else is suffering from the summertime television hiatus blues? Is there an emptiness in your life that nothing seems to be able to fill? That’s what we call a show-hole; the hole that is left in your soul when your favorite shows are not on! I know I’ve got it bad when my DVR is empty and I’m scrolling though live television. *EEEK* This is serious when I’m actually excited to watch Mario Lopez host a new television game show based off a popular video game called Candy Crush. I’ve sunk to a new low finding myself cheering on contestants of the new $100,000 Pyramid hosted by daytime TV show reject Michael Strahan! Cam Newton did earn some kudos for stealing the show with his serious swagger, and he wasn’t half bad at the game either.

Now that I have explained the seriousness of my show-hole condition; maybe some of you are in the same boat? Have you found yourself scraping the barrel of sitcom reruns and reality TV no-no’s? If your searching for some way to beat the heat, let me help you out with some summer series suggestions. Despite what you may think summertime television isn’t all bad, there are some gems out there waiting to be discovered.

Wynonna Earp rides in on the Syfy channel to save the day. Season 2 in underway ( I have included a trailer below) and it is a high energy, action packed, grown up, wild west version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. This is the perfect show to heat up even the coolest of summer evenings. Season 2 picks up right where season 1 left off (well I won’t spoil it for you) but it’s not too difficult to catch up if you missed the first season. The true highlights are the performances by Melanie Scrofano as the super sassy and sexy heir to the Earp legacy/curse; Wynonna Earp. The other two stand outs for me are Tim Rozon as Henry “Doc” Holiday and Dominique Provost-Chalkley as the positively perky little sister with a secret Waverly Earp. This show is always the right prescription for a good time.

Some of the other shows I’ve been watching lately to stave off the impending summer bummer blues include season 3 of the CBS drama Zoo. Based off a best selling book by author James Patterson; a rag tag group of humans combat the animals trying to drive humans to the brink of extinction. With thrills by the minute, the drama is real and good enough to earn this show a third season. It has been one of my staples for the past 3 summers now, and I find it does the trick to pass the time and entertain.


Your show-hole can be easily filled with the sexy Shadowhunters; they have returned for the second half of season 2 on the Freeform Network (formerly ABC Family Channel). Season 2 seems to be even hotter and more bad ass than season 1, and that is probably why the newbie network has already given us the renewal for a third season. With controversial story lines and a smoking hot cast  you can’t go wrong spending a little time with these angels and demons. Kat McNamara and Dominic Sherwood star as the leading on again off again hot couple, but it is Harry Shum Jr and Matthew Daddario who’s forbidden romance that really steals the show! Fans were shipping #MALEC harder than any other couple!

Returning to AMC is the wildly inappropriate, somewhat quirky show about a fallen from grace Preacher and a small damned town in Texas. Main character Jesse Custer is played by comic book movie/television veteran Dominic Cooper; best know for playing Tony Stark’s father Howard. Preacher blew our minds with season 1 and how far they were willing to push the envelope. The shows lackadaisical use of nonsense and sacrilegious shenanigans made it one of the most talked about new shows and insured its pick up for season 2. This show is clearly not for everyone, and very much intended more mature audiences; but if you are a fan of the weird, trippy and bizarre this show is the right fit for you. It will definitely help cure the heat stroke ho-hums.

Also returning this summer is the final season of FX’s horror series The Strain (7/16), Syfy’s critically acclaimed series Killjoys (6/30), TNT’s military apocalyptic drama The Last Ship (8/20), Game of Thrones is back on HBO (7/16),  and if that wasn’t enough to really wet your appetite for destruction then Syfy is treating us to the main course Sharknado 5. The latest installment of this campy B-movie series premieres August 6th.

If these returning shows are just not filling your show hole, then maybe something new is more your speed. CBS debuted its newest doomsday drama Salvation this past Wednesday. I wasn’t terribly impressed and found myself flipping stations looking for Mario Lopez. Salvation is about an MIT grad student and a tech superstar that bring a low-level Pentagon official a staggering discovery, that an asteroid is just six months away from colliding with Earth. (Credit IMdb) From the creator and writer of True Blood; Charlene Harris has a new cool new show debuting July 25th on NBC. Midnight Texas sounds like it is set to be the next big thing. Step aside Preacher or Wynonna Earp because there is a new sheriff in town. For those of you who loved shows like True Blood or Dominion; this should be a real treat for you! I for one have been crazy excited to check out this new series since I saw all the hype over it at WonderCon 2017.

Plus don’t forget to set your Netflix binge alarm for August 18th because Marvel’s The Defenders are about to explode onto your television screen. The latest Netflix/Marvel comic book series teams up the best heroes New York City never knew it had, or wanted! When villains threaten Manhattan they call the Avengers, but when Hell’s Kitchen is under attack it is The Defenders who take it personally. This could easily be the biggest comic book television series to date. It stars the main characters of Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Luke Cage (Mike Colter), and Danny Rand/Iron Fist (Finn Jones). 

Now I’ve given you an idea of what has been keeping me out of the mindless melancholy that the high temps of summer can bring on. I’ve shown you all the coolest returning shows that could even rival some of fall’s hottest series. Plus I even included a super sized syllabus of the scorching new shows popping up on your television screen. I’ve done all the work here; now all you have to do is sit back, relax and stuff your show-hole full! With a sizzling summer schedule this fierce it feels like Christmas has come early!




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