My Summer Reading List: New Comic Book Reviews


We are well into summer now and most of our favorite television shows are on hiatus. You might be spending more time outdoors at the pool or beach. You might be bored and looking for something to do. Well I have a few new comic books that I recommend you check out, it’s an excellent way to pass the time on a hot summer day!

Warning: My reviews may contain some spoilers 🙂

MISFIT CITY #3- BOOM BOX/BOOM STUDIOS **Written by Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith & Kurt Lustgarten *Illustrated by Naomi Franquiz *Colors by Brittany Peer*

Misfit City is a new comic book series from an imprint of Boom Studios called Boom Box. They are dedicated to bringing fresh new talent with forward thinking stories, and outside the box (pardon the pun) ideas. This youthful story is the perfect summer reading, and why I chose to put this on my list. Kirsten and Kurt deliver us a fun tale of friendship and adventure that boarders on the creepy and mysterious. For those of you who know me, I’m a sucker for a mystery and Misfit City has that in spades. This book focuses on a group of friends, a treasure map and the mysteries surrounding it. It would be super easy to draw the comparison to the 80’s move The Goonies, in which the writers actually poke fun by making references to it in the book. I think this book is about friendship, relationships and good old summer fun adventure! If you like treasure, seances, mystery and teenage sleuthing hijinx then this book is for you. It’s a good all ages book, and everyone will have fun being a little spooked while trying to find the treasure of Black Mary. I give this summer read an 8/10 for being easy to read, easy to get sucked into, easy to catch up on and hard to put down!

UNHOLY GRAIL #1- AFTERSHOCK COMICS **Created and Written by Cullen Bunn *Art by     Mirko Colak*

Next up on my summer adventure is a trip to medieval times with an alternative look at the reign and rule of one of the most notorious Kings in all of history. From the creative/twisted mind of Cullen Bunn comes Aftershock Comic’s newest title called Unholy Grail. Aftershock Comics is a fairly new creator owned publishing company that has put out nothing but gems. Bunn can add this as yet another notch in his extensive resume.

Unholy Grail #1 is a dark, gritty look into the world of Camelot, King Arthur and Merlin the likes to which we could never have imagined. The fascination with the story of King Arthur does not seem to fade with time, and this new take on his rise to power is extremely gripping and entertaining. With the minimal success of the 2017 movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword; it is a great time to reinvent the way everyone thinks of this mighty king and his story. Cullen Bunn definitely delivers a different story worth checking out. I give this summer read a 9/10 for it’s dark and gritty artwork combined with a really new spin on an old story. It is sure to fly off the shelves, so don’t forget to pick up your copy!

WYNONNA EARP:SEASON ZERO #1- IDW PUBLISHING **Original story by Beau Smith and Tim Rozon *Written by Beau Smith *Art by Angel Hernandez*

I’ve already been treasure hunting with teens and took a trip to medieval times; now it’s time for me to switch gears to gun slinging and ass whooping. Wynonna Earp:Season Zero rides into town on the heels of the success of the Wynonna Earp television series on the SYFY channel. This brand new original story is from the series creator Beau “Papa Earp” Smith and Tim (Doc Henry Holliday) Rozon. Just when you think you’ve heard all the stories of Wynonna Earp and gang, Smith brings us something new to sink our teeth into. Whether your a long time fan of the comic book series, or a follower of the the television show; you can totally get into this new book. Wynonna never fails to make me smile. She’s got swagger for days and and ass kicking attitude that I find simply refreshing. Taking a walk on the wild side with Wynonna is exactly the summer escape this little filly needed. 

Wynonna is back on the homestead in a very familiar scene with her sister Waverly. Doc, Dolls, Valdez and all the gang are back together again. I love that just like in the television show Doc is running the local bar Shorty’s. They have barely hung their hats up when a brand new case comes looking for Wynonna. A blast from the past will challenge Wynonna and put her family in jeopardy, but that’s just another day on the job for an Earp. I give this fun summer read an 8/10 for the high spirited action and brand new original story. Wynonna Earp is sure to keep you smiling all summer long!

JIM BUTCHER”S THE DRESDEN FILES: DOG MEN #2- DYNAMITE **Written by Mark Powers *Art by Diego Galindo *Colors by Mohan*

The last stop on this weeks summer reading list takes me on a road trip south to Mississippi with wizard/mage Harry Dresden. Beginning in issue #1 of the original story Dog Men Harry is asked to leave his hometown of Chicago to help on a case down south. If you follow my reviews you know I’m a huge fan of The Dresden Files original stories and I’m super stoked Powers is back writing Harry just in time for my summertime reading pleasure. This new series had me hooked on issue #1 with the story being so well laid out that the mystery just sucked me in. While TV might be a snoozer lately, things are fired up in the pages of this book.

Dog Men issue #2 has the gruesome case in Mississippi heating up. Harry is under fire from all sides friendly and non, plus throw in one lovable pooch and it really seals the deal. There are mysterious forces at work all around us, a world unseen that only wizards like Harry are capable of dealing with. This is no exception as a grizzly scene leads Harry and one of the elders on the trail of the legendary Dog Men. Not all is as it may seem, but what happens in this little town could have major effects that will ripple across the entire world both mortal and mystical. I’m such a huge fan of the artwork and the original story. It’s like reading one of Jim Butcher’s novels. I give this book a 10/10 because it is a fantastic summer read!

If the dog days of summer have you feeling sluggish and your thirst for adventure is waiting to take hold; then look no further than your local comic book store! Wednesday is always new comic book day and these books I’ve mentioned above along with many other amazing titles are readily available at your finger tips. Have fun this summer visiting some really amazing places without ever leaving your living room!                                                  Some other amazing titles that might pique your interest are:

  • Animosity #8- Aftershock Comics/Marguerite Bennett
  • Dollface Vol. #1 TP- Action Lab Danger Zone/Dan Mendoza
  • Centipede #1- Dynamite/Max Bemis
  • Deadly Class #29- Image/Rick Remender
  • Josie & The Pussycats #8- Archie Comics/Marguerite Bennett


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