Which suitor is best suited for Supergirl

People were skeptical when the CW announced that it would take over the production of the hit show Supergirl when CBS decided not to renew it last year. I bet CBS is kicking it’s self in the ass because Supergirl is doing great and fits right at home with the superhero heavy line up that the CW is currently running with. Supergirl is doing so good that it snagged an early renewal for next year along with Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. Part of the reason for its continued success is the uber talented and super hot cast.

Playing alongside the super sweetheart Melissa Benoist (Kara Danvers/Supergirl) is an all star line up that includes Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers), Mehcad Brooks (James Olsen), Jeremy Jordan (Winn Schott), Chris Wood (Mon-El) and Tyler Hoechlin (Clark Kent/Superman). With the most recent addition of Peter Gadiot, a Once Upon A Time alum. He plays the impish trickster from the 5th dimension; Mr Mxyzptlk. What do the majority of these characters have in common? Four of them have been or currently are romantic suitors of Supergirl’s.

Melissa Benoist is one lucky chick because she gets to kiss all these handsome fellas! First was her innocent bestie crush Winn. Next came the super hunky photojournalist from Metropolis, James Olsen. Then it gets a little tricky as Kara tries to navigate the waters with the sexy orphaned Daxamite. All while trying to fend off the advances of the super being known as Mr Mxyzptlk. I wonder which one of these suitors Melissa Benoist would pick for her character Kara to have a happily ever after with? Maybe it would be none of them and it’s some unknown character that has yet to be introduced. Either way I think these suitors require closer examination, I mean for the sake of science and all. Let us take a closer look at each of the men in Kara Danver’s life and we can decide which suitor is best suited for Supergirl.

Bachelor #1 went from being a simple programmer at CatCo Worldwide Media, to being a world saving technician at the D.E.O. When Winn Schott Jr (Jeremy Jordan) isn’t out helping Supergirl or Guardian save the world, he enjoys video games and dating cute alien girls. Son of the super villain Toyman, Winn is always worried that he too shares the genes for villainy. Winn always had a crush on his BFF Kara, but it was innocent and sweet. How Kara never saw this is completely beyond me, he use to follow her around like a love sick puppy dog. Winn has lots of great qualities that make him excellent boyfriend material, but is he the right guy for our single superhero? I’m going to weigh in on this, because well it’s my article so why the hell not. I do not think Winn is the right match for Kara. I think he is better off as the trusty bestie for life. Jeremy Jordan does an amazing job bringing this quirky and lovable character to life.

Bachelor #2 is the more grown up version of the comic book character we all know and love. Dorky Jimmy Olsen does not exist on this Earth. Instead he is replaced with super hunky Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen. First he was just a friend of Superman’s that popped in from Metropolis to work at CatCo along side Kara and Winn. However Mehcad brought depth, humor and sex appeal to what could have been a very bland character. He was already aware of Kara’s secret identity and was instantly on team Supergirl. The attraction was not mutual at first for these two. It was humorous to see Kara stumble and fumble around James due to her growing affection towards a very taken man. At the time James decided to get back together with his ex girlfriend Lucy Lane, played by the gorgeous Jenna Dewan Tatum. How could poor Kara compete with that? Well she wouldn’t have to for long because James realized he was into Kara as well and let Lucy go. These two crazy kids work great together, heck they look amazing together as well. They tried to make a go of things as a couple but Kara realized she could not have both the Superhero and the super boyfriend, so Mr. Olsen had to be put back in the friend zone. James had a sparkling resume when it came to being boyfriend material for Kara, but sadly sometimes love just ain’t enough. I think James was a better match for Kara and I was disappointed to see this romance fizzle out before it even got good.

Bachelor #3 is another alien orphan like Kara. Mon-El (Chris Wood) is from the planet Daxam, basically the opposite of Krypton. They are a planet of heathens according to the Kryptonians; who are supposed to be enlightened and highly intellectual beings. Kara and Mon-El have had a rocky beginning to put it mildly. She thinks he is the definition of a Daxamite; he’s arrogant, crass and short tempered. While he thinks Kara is a judgmental, self righteous “do-gooder”. This of course creates intense sparks between these two opposites. I mean opposites do attract and with Kara and Mon-El this is especially true. They remind me a little of Romeo and Juliet; it’s so romantic! Chris Wood brings such a vulnerability and goofy quality to Mon-El. Yes he is arrogant and brash, but there is so much more to this character and I am so glad Kara finally realized that. They shared their second official on screen kiss just recently, as their first happened while Mon-El was gravely ill. Let me just say that i LOVE these two together! They are the “it” power couple. She makes him want to be a better man, and he makes her open up and take chances. Because I love these two together so much, I am sure they are doomed. Mon-El is keeping a pretty big secret from Kara that could have a huge impact on their relationship. He isn’t the royal bodyguard he once claimed to be, but the Prince of Daxam. (cue the dramatic reveal music) Now before you get your panties in a wad over that spoiler nugget, it really wasn’t a spoiler at all if you have been paying attention to the previous episodes. Mon-El get my thumbs up vote for Kara’s best suited suitor.

Bachelor #4 is only really a choice for Kara in his own mind. A manipulative little imp from the 5th dimension named Mr. Mxyzptlk (Peter Gadiot). He pops into Kara’s apartment just in time to “kissus interruptus” a special moment between Kara and Mon-El. He immediately declares his love for Kara, magically poofs his rival away and puts Kara in a swoon worthy Vera Wang bridal dress. His omnipotent cosmic power is enough to make any girl think twice, but Kara is not just any girl after all. She’s not easily impressed with his hijinxs so he resorts to blackmailing Supergirl into being his wife. He threatens to do great harm to the planet until she agrees to say “I do”. Kara finds out that the only way to send this boy packing is to make him say his name backwards. I love that they stayed true to this old classic comic book shtick. Kara agrees to mary Mr. Mxyzptlk, luring him to the fortress of solitude. This completely breaks poor Mon El’s heart in the process. Kara then manages to win a life and death game of chicken, and successfully bluffs her way into sending Mxyzptlk back to the 5th dimension. At his level of infatuation with Supergirl I doubt we have seen the last of bachelor #4, but he is definitely not the best suited suitor.

Now that you have heard my arguments for all four of Supergirl’s potential suitors, it is your chance to weigh in on who you think would be the best choice for Kara. Will it be #1, the sweet best friend crush Winn? Or the Super hunky photojournalist turned Guardian, James Olsen? Do you agree with me that the best choice for Kara is her exact opposite Mon-El? Are you completely out of your mind like Mr. Mxyzptlk and think Kara should have married him instead? There is a fifth choice for you to consider; that the best might be yet to come. Could Kara’s potentially ideal match be a character that has yet to be introduced like Brainiac 5, or even Bruce Wayne? I mean this is Earth 38 people anything is possible, right? I wish I could get Melissa Benoist’s vote in this, that would be epic to hear her opinion on the subject. Instead this is your chance to cast your vote as to who is the best suited suitor for Kara Danvers (Supergirl) really is!

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