Suicide Squad 2 News: Warner Bros Eying Mel Gibson to Direct

Now that David Ayer is developing DC’s all female villain project, Gotham Sirens, Warner Bros is looking for a new Director.  This afternoon The Hollywood Reporter reported that Warner Bros is looking at Mel Gibson for the job.  The Oscar award winning director has leapt back into relevancy with his nominated film, Hacksaw Ridge.  The Hollywood Reporter’s source says that Gibson is still reviewing source material.  He better not wait too long, seeing as Gibson is not the only one Warner Bros is said to be courting for the job. It is honestly amazing to some that they are still able to find multiple applicants for Zach Snyder’s DCU.


Updated 2/16/17

Gibson has confirmed the talks between him and Warner Bros for the directing role of Suicide Squad 2. Yesterday, during a Q&A session after a screening of Hacksaw Ridge, the moderator asked, “So is this getting close to a deal or is it a first date?” Gibson replied with, “It’s kind of a first date.”  This tells us that we may still be weeks from knowing which direction Warner Bros is going in.  At least Warner Bros is aware that it will take a 61 year old director of war films to save their floundering comic universe.  I mean what could go wrong?

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