Still Giving Me Nightmares (Advance Review of “The Final Plague” #2 from Action Lab)

final plague 2 artThe Danger Zone mature imprint from Action Lab has some truly excellent titles, with unique takes on familiar genres that will have your head spinning.  “The Final Plague” imagines a world where the zombie plague does NOT start with people…but rather we see, play with, and even the ones we eat are now out to eat us! This innovative look at the zombie genre already has me looking a second time at those cute little furry creatures…and when you read “The Final Plague” you may have the same reaction!


As with the first issue, “The Final Plague” #2 shows us multiple story threads in locations spread across the USA from coast to coast.  The infestation is getting harder and harder to ignore, as the targets of these creatures become more and more visible.  The research is moving forward in earnest…but will it be able to identify what is happening here? And, even if they can, will it be in time?

Johnnie Arnold and Tony Guaraldi-Brown have spun a truly chilling story here – the pacing has moved up several notches for issue #2, as has the tension – you can cut the suspense here with a knife, as this story grips you and just won’t let go.   If you ever worried about what those cute little furry creatures were REALLY capable of, this is the story for you…if you don’t mind a few nightmares along the way!

Action Lab has a great lineup in their Danger Zone imprint.  The first two titles to hit the shelves, “Ehmm Theory” and “Ghost Town” have already sold out of their first printing, and for good reason.  The whole line up is most impressive, including this excellent series “The Final Plague”.  If your LCS isn’t carrying Action Lab comics right now, they should.  Be sure to check out “The Final Plague”…just don’t read it with your favorite pet nearby…might give it ideas…


Ed is a long-time comics collector, going back to the days when comics were only 12 cents. He reviews DC titles and a variety of Indie publishers here at TMStash.

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