Spider-Man: Homecoming- John Hughes presents Superhero High – AKA Iron Man 6

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Spider-Man: Homecoming has swung into theater’s as the 6th Spider-Man film and 16th Marvel Movie (Among the 3 Phase Series).  Tom Holland takes the reigns as the 3rd Spider-Man in a series that is determined to reboot the web-head in the vision of Marvel.  Many fans were excited to see what Marvel would do with their greatest hero that they loaned to Sony as a last ditch effort to keep Marvel Comics afloat during the 90’s.   This is fine as long as you go into the movie knowing that is exactly what you are going to get, a Marvel summer blockbuster that is heavy on entertainment and laughs, but also carries a very familiar feeling that will hold it back from revolutionizing comic book movies.

The film has a plot that has some very recycled themes that bear resemblance to both Captain America and Avengers.  They also surround the young/new cast with some extremely familiar faces that have been known to attract a crowd and carry a franchise.  These things do not necessarily translate into a bad thing, but it does hold the movie back from having a stand alone identity.  These things work as training wheels for a hero that could ride just as well on his on.  This makes the movie come across as a single note in their 3 phase song.

Marvel may use its, now, tried and true formula of familiar faces and plot points to guarantee a success, but they also do a fantastic job rebooting the series with a new identity.  They surround Peter Parker with both new and old characters, but all of them are given a new modern and diverse vibe that does not resemble your grandfather’s comic books.  This includes a younger and more attractive Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) which Marvel is well aware of and doesn’t take it for granted.  They also changed up MJ by replacing the red headed dream girl with the more down to earth and awkward realistic teenager played by Disney star, Zendaya.  This casting stirred up a lot controversy, resembling a mini Batfleck crisis.  However, just like Batfleck, Zendaya’s MJ is one of the films brighter sides.

In fact the thing Spider-Man: Homecoming did nail was Peter Parker – nerdy and awkward sophomore.  These moments felt less like a Marvel super-movie and more like a John Hughes film.  Peter struggled with balancing school, friendships, and crushes all while trying to impress a very unimpressed Tony Stark.  Then throw in the fact that his aunt look like, well, Marisa Tomei.  This is all handled so well and entertaining that  Spider-Man’s coming to age story outshines his plot to thwart the evil winged bad guy.

That is not to say that the evil winged bad guy known as The Vulture was not enjoyable, quite the opposite actually.  The amazing Michael Keaton has always been able to do a convincing “crazy” while still believing in his performance.  The only hesitation was the fact that after Green Goblin and Doc-Ock, Spider-Man’s rogues gallery has always been a little lack luster.  This is one of the reasons the last 3 movies have fallen very short.  The Vulture is one of these less than desirable big bad guys, however, he makes for a formidable foe against an inexperienced and awkward teenage Spider-Man.  Keaton’s Vulture makes for the perfect start up bad guy for the franchise.

In the end, the young Spider-Man: Homecoming franchise may have a thing or two to learn from Tobey Maguire as it nestles into the 3rd spot of best Spider-Man movies.  It doesn’t even make the top comic book movie of the summer so far (see Atomic Blonde review coming soon).  But rankings aside, this movie offers a fresh new take on Spider-Man that will make you forget about Andrew Whats-His-Name and remember why Marvel remains king of the blockbuster.  Spider-Man: Homecoming has a lot of re-watch-ability and things for both old and new fans to enjoy.  Most importantly it excites like an Avengers film, but laughs like a Guardians film.  Though it lacks complete originality it still entertains above par.


  • EVERYONE loves Aunt May
  • We are Shocker
  • Ferris Bueller – Hello Ladies!
  • School PSA’s you wish you had
  • Peter Parker HS years
  • Zedaya!
  • Karen!
  • Happy!
  • Now that is a twist!

Evil-low points:

  • “Everyone calls me MJ” reminds us  “Try my real name, Robin”
  • Cameo Actress with top billing – Someone is holding on tight to stardom.
  • 2+ hours? Really?
  • An unnecessary field trip
  • Iron Man 6?

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