Special Danger Zone Reviews: AMERIKARATE #5 and INFINITE 7 #6

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We didn’t want to leave this week without getting some reviews up for a couple of amazing titles you may have missed at your local comic shop. Each is absolutely awesome, and both come from Action Lab’s Danger Zone mature imprint. Let’s get straight to it, shall we?

AMERIKARATE #5 – by Corey Kalman & Brockton McKinney, with illustrations by Daniel Arruda Massa

Let’s just say this from the start – AMERIKARATE is a balls-to-the-wall funfest with the best of the cheesy martial arts flicks of the 80’s. It transforms that genre into an over-the-top, action-packed, highly inappropriate for children, funhouse mirror of a tale. There is absolutely nothing subtle about this book – and that’s the genius of AMERIKARATE. Our martial arts couple mix fighting and making love through all sorts of danger…sometimes at the same time! If you want true escapist entertainment, THIS is the book for you!


INFINITE 7 #6 – by Dave Dwonch, illustrated by Artura Mesa, colored by Geraldo Filho

The new Smash Brannigan is a kid who never thought he would end up on a team of the most highly skilled assassins in the world…but he never suspected the role his parents would play in this high-action, high-intrigue spy thriller. “Smash” has now turned 18, and the team is determined to show him a great time, but of course danger lurks at every corner. Dave Dwonch has given us stories in the past that combined intense plots with high emotional impact, and this may be his best work yet. This story puts you on a roller coaster from beginning to end!


Just a note – this reviewer has been out of action for a couple of weeks due to a visit to the hospital…thankfully no Cyrus Perkins type issue (fans of Dwonch will know what I mean), but still I didn’t want the time to pass without recognizing these fantastic books – don’t miss ’em!

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