The Sinister Faces of Spider-Man: Homecoming

One of the biggest sins a comic book based film can commit is trying to unsuccefully squeeze too many villains into a single film.  We’re looking ay you Spider-Man 3, Amazing Spider-Man 2, & X3: The Last Stand.  However, its been proven that it is very possible to pack these kinds of films with several villains using only name drops along with few to little appearances that doesn’t seem to drag the film down and overcomplicate the story being told.  Spider-Man: Homecoming does this exceptionally well and is able to use them as building blocks for a later, more sinister threat.

We’re gonna start off with the main villain of the film Adrian Toomes/The Vulture played very well by Michael Keaton.  First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #2, The Vulture is turned to a life of crime after he discovered his business partner screwed him over, especially when it came to the flight suit he created.  In the film Tooms is head of a salvage & repair company whose big city contract is taken by Tony Stark’s Damage Control.  This leads him and his crew to turn to crime as his Vulture highjacks and scavenges the tech they need from Damage Control themselves.

Next up is a character that actually had two different folks playing him, The Shocker.  After his cockiness got him vaporized by Toomes, Herman Schultz (Bokeem Woodbine) inherited the fists, yellow & brown oven mitt like jacket pattern from the comics, and proceeds as The Shocker.  First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #46, Schultz had the mind of an inventor and used it to crack safes. It wasn’t until after he was in prison that he created his high frequency air blast gauntlets, which he used to escape.  As far as the oven mitt stitch patterned outfit, your guess is as good as mine.

None of this would be possible without his tech guy, Phineas Mason/The Tinkerer (Michael Churnus). First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #2, The Tinkerer is a genius inventor who can pretty much make something out of anything. He spends his time creating/improving tech & gear for the super-villain community.  In the film he is one of Toomes crew who has been using scavenged alien tech to create weapons for sale, along with Toomes Vulture suit which he keeps begging to upgrade to higher altitude the entire film.  I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure he evaded capture and will be making stuff for future bad dudes, maybe even the Sinister Six.

We only see Mac Gargon/The Scorpion (Michael Mando) in a couple scenes, including the post credit scene where he talks to Tommes in prison about his friends on the outside that want to take down Spider-Man.  Obviously he hasn’t become the scorpion yet, but his friends on the outside along with his neck scorpion tattoo was just a taste of whats to come.  He makes his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #19 & #20 where, as a private investigator, he is hired by J. Jonah Jameson to figure out how Peter Parker gets such great photos of Spider-Man.  After that failed Jameson hires him to try an experimental process that would give him characteristics of an animal, using a scorpion due to it being a natural predator to the spider.  This proved successful after defeating Spider-Man, but Gargan began slipping into insanity as his scorpion instincts began to take over.  Much later on he became the second Venom (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #10) and along with the suit became the third wall crawler as the Sinister Spider-Man in Dark Avengers #1.

Now this last one is technically a crook, but may not end up on the full blown villainous side of the street down the road.  Aaron Davis/The Prowler (Donald Glover) is the criminal who actually gives Spider-Man some useful intel on Toomes and his crew.  He does so because he’d like to keep the neighborhood safe for his nephew, which we will come back to in a moment.  Aaron Davis comes from Marvels ultimate universe (Earth 1610) where he is The Prowler (Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 Vol. 2) not to be confused with Marvel’s original Prowler Hobbie Brown (Earth 616).  After one of his jobs, he accidentally brings home an ancient artifact that contains a spider that bites his nephew Miles Morales, who becomes the Ultimate Spider-Man after Peter Parkers death.  In ultimate universe Aaron dies after battling Miles while Brown’s prowler is still on the prowl.  It’s tough to tell if he will be more of a vigilante or more of a criminal, but mentioning his nephew was no mistake meaning Miles may take over after the Sony deal is over.

Excluding The Prowler, these folks have been a part of at least one of the many incarnations of the Sinister Six.  Without using any villains we’ve seen before on the big screen they could introduce us to Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Hobgoblin, The Spider Slayer (Smythe) or even Hydroman.  Honestly though, it would do them good to re-introduce some of the original members like Doctor Octopus, Electro, & the Sandman to bring the group together.  So what do you think, Comic Nation?  Will we see some of these sinister faces join forces against our neighborhood friendly hero or is that something that will only exist in Sony’s Spider-Verse?  Let us know and keep checking back for more from both Sony & Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universes.

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