Simon Kinberg Reveals Exciting Gambit Film Update

Not to be upstaged by DC’s announcment of feature films starring nominal characters, X-Men producer Simon Kinberg shared his own news with  Kinsberg gave the following status on the almost forgotten Fox project by the name of Gambit by saying the following.

“It’s in active development,” Kinberg said. “It’s a movie that we hope will be ready to go by the end of this year and shoot next year. We have two or three X-Men related movies this year so it can wait for a moment. The process has been that Channing [Tatum] is as determined about getting the character right as Ryan Reynolds was about Deadpool and Hugh [Jackman] was about this Logan movie. We know that when we get those right, the movie succeeds so we want to make sure we get Gambit right because we want him to be the beginning of a whole new franchise.”

This is good news for Marvel fans, especially the ones in their mid 30’s that remember who Gambit is.  Gambit has not been forgotten and Tatum is still involved in the project.  Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead, The Shawshank Redemption) is currently signed on to direct and is said to have rewritten the original script by Reid Carolin (Magic Mike) and Joshua Zetumer (Patriots Day), based off a treatment from Chris Claremont.  If principal photography actually starts in early 2018 we could possibly be looking at a 2019 release.  Possibly filling the February 14th, 2019 slot reserved for a Untitled Fox Marvel Film.  However, this film has a history of delays, so keep your fingers crossed.

For those of you that did not read comics in the 90’s or watch the X-Men cartoon,  Gambit is a character that embodied everything right and wrong with the 90’s. Before Fox had the movie rights and Marvel was trying to freeze those characters out of the comics, Gambit was everywhere.  He is a Mutant and Cajun stereotype that wears a trench coat, a lot of neon pink and purple and a strange spandex head piece (never understood that).  His abilities consist of throwing kinetically charged playing cards, smooth talking the ladies and thievery.  Gambit was created by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee, with a cameo in Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 and his first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #266.

It is great to have an update on Gambit, even if we are still waiting on an explanation about the spandex head piece.

With great power comes great responsibility, which is why I read and write about comics. Beats running around in spandex.

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