Comic-Con ’16: Syfy Gets Another Monster Fighting Babe With Van Helsing


*Move over Wynonna Earp there is a new sheriff in town*

kelly-overton2-740x555The Syfy Channel has shown us just how powerful and ass kicking women can be in the Syfy genre these days. From the amazingly charming succubus Bo (Anna Silk) in Lost Girl to the newest sensation Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano). Women are getting into the business of monster hunting and taking over where men once dominated. This could not be more clear with the newest, re-imagined show from the Syfy Channel. Van Helsing will feature a new twist on the old classic replacing the main character with a female star (Kelly Overton) as Vanessa Van Helsing. Kelly is better known for her role as bad ass werewolf Rikki Naylor in the HBO original series True Blood.

San Diego Comic Con 2016 has given us a look at the cast, a teaser and all kinds of hope that this could be another big hit for the Syfy Channel. Women in Syfy are looking better and stronger than ever. Watch your back Wynonna Earp because Vanessa Van Helsing is coming. Check out the Comic-Con interview with the cast here.

show_art_VanHelsingMAIN CAST

  • Kelly Overton- Vanessa Van Helsing
  • Jonathan Scarfe- Axel Miller
  • Christopher Heyerdahl- Sam


The Syfy Channel will be airing a commercial free preview of the pilot for this new show July 31st after Sharknado 4 airs. With the actual premiere date being September 23rd. This is not a pilot to be missed, and without any confirmation of a season 2 renewal for Wynonna Earp yet; this might be my only hope for some kick ass woman bad-assery action.. How do you feel about this remake of a classic, and its clearly blatant attempt to ride the success of other shows that have led before it by casting yet another female lead?

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