SDCC 2016: Saturday Recap Major Television Teasers Are Here!

What I learned from Comic Con 2016 today is that DC rules and Marvel drool. Saturday’s panels were completely dominated by huge teasers, trailers and spoilers from DC and The CW. Not only did DC wow us with it’s movies we also got a great glimpse into the upcoming television shows on the CW; including Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and the new kid on the network Supergirl. They dropped all kinds of sizzle reels and teasers as to what we can expect from our favorite superhero shows. Other networks had some killer panels and all the stars were in attendance. They gave us a Comic-Con Saturday we will never forget! This fall season is going to be one hell of a ride for me and all my fellow television enthusiasts. I’ll give you a rundown of what I learned today from these panels and trailers but there will be spoilers from here on out so you have been warned.

It was a killer day for television teasers: Yes this means lots of spoilers!

ARROW- During the Arrow panel today I found out that season 5 will include the 100th episode and that it will be part of the huge four part crossover that Stephen Amell has been hinting at since Supergirl got picked up by the network. We also got a great sizzle reel that shows us team Arrow is not going to look quite the same. While on her death bed Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) made Oliver promise to stop trying to go it alone so he takes her advice and decides to put together a new team. This new team Arrow includes some familiar faces like Echo Kellum’s character Curtis, the Black Canary wanna be Evelyn Sharp and a newbie named Rene Ramierez. Check out The CW’s Arrow Season 5 Sizzle reel here:

The Flash- When the Flash returns for season 3 it’s going to be very similar to how I predicted. They have gone full Flashpoint with even the Reverse Flash coining that phrase in the promo trailer. Barry returns from the past to a world he doesn’t even recognize. Iris, Joe and Cisco no longer have relationships with him or even really know who Barry Allen is. Both his parents are alive and (insert fan girl squeal) we get to see John Wesley Shipp reprise his role as Henry Allen but for how long we do not know. I found it very curious that our Miss Caitlin Snow was noticeably absent during the season 3 teaser; could she be Killer Frost in this time line? Also interesting and squeal worth was the appearance of Wally West as the Flash! Check out this amazing trailer, I had to watch it several times myself!

Legends of Tomorrow- The CW’s freshman show Legends of Tomorrow is back for season 2 and with it tons of action and surprises.I learned that Mayor Oliver Queen and Damian Darhk will make an appearance on the season premier and Jonah Hex will be making another appearance come episode 6. This is all very exciting news but there is so much more! We left the season being introduced to a new player, his name is Rex Tyler and he is a member of the JSA (Justice Society of America). He has traveled back in time and fears for the safety of all the Legends under Captain Hunter’s command. What this means for this show is that the possibilities are endless, new characters and plot twists abound. It’s an exciting time to be a superhero fan for sure! The Season 2 sizzle reel is below.

Supergirl- New kid on the block Supergirl was picked up for season 2 by the CW and fans could not be happier. It seems this transition has happened quite smoothly with all 4 shows blending seamlessly together in superhero harmony. Melissa Benoist is back as Supergirl (Kara Danvers) and the CW has cast super hunk Tyler Hoechlin as her cousin Superman (Clark Kent). My first choice along with thousands of other fans was of course the prior Superman Tom Welling, but if we can’t have him Tyler sure does look like he fits the part. I’m very excited to see the conflict between Clark and Kara at the beginning of the season. Also big news is CW alum star Chris Wood (Kai Parker-Vampire Diaries) is cast as a mysterious arrival to National City. No idea who he will be playing but he is indeed the mystery passenger in the pod, this rules out all those crazy Krypto or Streaky ideas. Previously announced was that Lynda Carter (TV’s classic Wonder Woman) will be playing the President on Supergirl but she will not just be a figure head, her character will have an impact on Kara life. This was all the CW has for a Supergirl season 2 teaser so it will have to do for now!


Gotham- DC just keeps on coming with the hits with season 3 of Gotham on Fox. At the Gotham panel today David Mozouz who plays young Bruce Wayne said that in season 3 Bruce is going to start establishing his party boy public persona. This might have to do with the fact young master Bruce intends to take on Gotham’s elite court of owls. They also said the premier will include a 6 month time jump and what appears to be a grown up version of Ivy. Not sure how they are going to explain this one, but I’m sure it will be interesting. The teaser for Gotham clearly shows a very much alive Jerome and Stabby Babs seems to be back in full psycho mode. This is going to be an interesting season for sure, check out the trailer below.

Now that we are done with the DC shows lets talk ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We got a small teaser from them that has fans drooling. Season 4 of SHIELD will include a version of Marvel’s famed flame head Ghost Rider. This version of the rider will not be the more famous Johnny Blaze but Robbie Reyes played by Gabriel Luna. confirms this announcement here. They also released a small bloopers reel that had me laughing so hard I was in tears. It was worth watching a few times for sure.

Let’s move on to one of the most heartbreaking announcement to come from SDCC 2016. During Saturday’s Vampire Diaries panel, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec announced that season 8 would be the final season for our beloved vampire drama. There were a few good things to come from this panel as well. Kevin Williamson was confirmed to be back writing for season 8. Kevin and Julie will also be directing this final season. We are going to meet the original big bad evil “herself”. I believe they used the feminine form on purpose and fans around the world are dying with speculation that this could mean the return of Elena/Katherine (Nina Dobrev). This would be fitting and perfect for the final season to have our sweet Elena back, but maybe as the big bad original evil. The shows creators and cast put together a goodbye sizzle reel that will tear your heart out, I know from experience. I am not ready to say thank you and goodbye to Mystic Falls just yet.

*Also MTV’s Teen Wolf will be having it’s final season this fall as well*

Once Upon A Time- ABC’s storybook sweetheart show is back for it’s 6th season this fall and it’s going to be the season of evil. Regina’s evil queen side is back with a vengeance and all who stand in her way better look out. Also announced was the addition of  Disney’s Aladdin story with Oded Fehr being cast as Jafar. They could not have made a more perfect choice in this casting because Oded has the chops to pull this off; plus he’s dead sexy too! The trailer reveals that Aladdin was once a savior like Emma Swan, and Jafar is just as nefarious as his reputation.

Wynonna Earp- Last but certainly not least was the Wynonna Earp panel where right away fans got the news that we have been waiting on for months now. Our favorite smart mouthed, bad ass, demon fighting Syfy babe was picked up for a season 2. Syfy channel informed lead actress Melanie Scrofano that they heard the pleas and cries from the fans; received thousands of emails and we helped make it happen. So if you are thinking your voice doesn’t matter, think again! Wynonna Earp creator Beau Smith dropped a teaser on us saying that perhaps Bobo has a brother and he might not be so happy in season 2 with our little lady Wynonna. There will defiantly be some big baddies in store for the black badge. Can’t wait to see what happens with our 3-way Doc/Wynonna/Dolls love triangle. Whatever happens you can be sure it will be awesome sauce!

Cast of Wynonna Earp at SDCC 2016

Cast of Wynonna Earp at SDCC 2016.


Whichever of these shows you choose to watch this fall, it’s a sure bet you will be thoroughly entertained. Stay with us here @TMSash for weekly recaps on all these shows and so much more. Let me know what you are looking forward to watching this fall. This is the television season and magic, mystery, romance, and adventure await.

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