The Rundown: Geronimo’s New Comic Wednesday Picks

Whats up comic peeps?!   Geronimo here, welcoming you to another edition of The Rundown.   If you missed last weeks, you can check it out here.  I hope everyone out there is doing well on this new comic Wednesday.  I also hope everyone gets what they wanted today, I got what I wanted and then some, more on that later.  Whatever you do, be sure to get on over to your local comic shop to get some books today!! 

Comic News: This past week comic writer Brian Michael Bendis gave us a little preview regarding Uncanny X-Men and how they fit into the upcoming “Inhumanity” storyline.  There are also several other articles very similar to this that cover other titles and Inhumaity.  Head on over to Marvel Comic News for a more detailed look. 

Geronimo’s Picks:  From the Folks over at Image I picked up the new Aphrodite IX and Cyber Force.  Infinity is in full swing in the Marvel Universe and this week we get 4 new books.  New Avengers and Infinity follow the main story while Thunderbolts and Captain Marvel are both tie-ins.  From the mutant world I picked up the newest installment of Battle of the Atom with Uncanny X-Men.  I also picked up the newest Cable and X-Force as it is slated to be the final showdown with the Uncanny Avengers.  My last three were from the Spider-Man Universe.  Superior Spider-Man continues the Superior vs Spider-Man 2099 story arc.  The third book of one of my all time favorite villains, Superior Carnage, was a must buy.  Last but certainly not in the least bit last is a series that has my attention, Venom.   

Pick-ups of the Day:  I had a good day in the pick-up department.  First is the third Lego variant from Marvel, Infinity #3, which features Wolverine and his reflective Lego claw!  My other pick-ups were all DC’s 3D cover titles for villain’s month.  I have to give props to my local comic shop, The Comic Vault, they take care of me.  I told them I’d d take any extra’s they had of these titles and theyinfinity3lego had a good stack for me today.  I won’t list them all but I’ll give honorable mentions to the following: Lobo #1, Killer Frost #1, Harley Quinn #1 (HOT!), and Deadshot #1.  Now I just need to get my hands on a 3D Reverse Flash #1, it’s the best looking one I’ve seen thus far. 

The Rundown

Cable and X-Force #14 

Captain Marvel #16 (Infinity tie-in)

Daredevil #31

Hawkeye #13

Infinity #3

Morbius: The Living Vampire

New Avengers #10 (Infinity tie-in)

Powers: Bureau #7

Savage Wolverine #8STK625242

Secret Avengers #9

Superior Carnage #3

Superior Spider-Man #18

Thor: God of Thunder #13

Thunderbolts #15 (Infinity tie-in)

Ultimate Comics: X-Men #31

Uncanny X-Men #12 (Battle of the Atom ch4)

Venom #41

Wolverine Max #11

X-Men: Legacy



Source(Photos): Marvel Comics

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