RUMOR ALERT: Justice League Film will have a Green Lantern

There has been speculation that Justice League will not feature the Green Lantern.  This seemed probable since they have not cast anyone as of yet for the Warner Bros. 2020 Green Lantern Corps movie, a project that is still in it’s infancy.  However, on Thursday, Heroic Hollywood Editor and Chief Umberto Gonzalez teased a Green Lantern appearance via Periscope (21:19).  He would not give a name but did say it was a “funny sounding name”.

That could be a majority of the Green Lantern Corps but most likely rules out Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and the other Earth born Lanterns.  This is important seeing as the upcoming GLC film is rumored to have 3 Earth Lanterns.  However, as many fans know the list of Green Lantern Corps officers is endless, consisting of many aliens with unique names, so the options for cameos is almost endless.

It makes sense that some version of the Green Lantern would appear in Justice League.  If we learned anything from the past DC movies, Zack Snyder loves to set up characters for future movies, even at the expense of the film.  So for them to build momentum for the GLC movie in 2020 would not be surprising.  What would be shocking is if they cast a main character soon and cameo that Lantern.

The Green Lantern Crops first appeared in DC Comics’ Showcase #22.



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