Riverdale Renewed For Season 2!

Originally reported by Variety last night, the CW Network has renewed their new show Riverdale for a 2nd season very quickly! This was a very highly anticipated show for the CW, with many of the old school Archie fans looking forward to a show based on their favorite comic book characters. What they got was something quite different! They took the normally funny and lighthearted characters and made it darker, edgier and at times somewhat disturbing.

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. The Archie fans that I have spoken with are deeply troubled by the relationship between Archie and his music teacher, Betty at times seems schizophrenic, while her knocked up older sister is locked away in secret. Right from the get go I said this had such a Twin Peaks vibe to it. Who killed Laura Palmer, oh wait I mean who killed Jason Blossom? That is the tag line and big mystery for season 1. Question is will Jason’s controversial murder be solved by the end of the season or carry over to season 2?

Why wouldn’t the CW renew Riverdale? I mean it has everything; teenage slut shaming, a highly inappropriate student teacher relationship, parents that are married hooking up, dead bodies, and a knocked up teen. I had to stop my kids from watching this show about half way through the first episode. This show is definitely for the more mature audiences, I even had a hard time allowing my teenager to witness some of the cringe worthy scenes.

Will I continue to watch Riverdale? Yea I probably will, it’s just one of those things I know I shouldn’t but I can’t look away. Plus with my childhood crush Luke Perry (Dylan McKay from Beverly Hills 90210) playing Archie’s Dad, that’s just icing. The one bright side in my opinion is the girl group Josie and The Pussycats! I worshiped them growing up and I think that Ashleigh Murray, Asha Bromfield and especially Hayley Law are killing it as the fierce Pussycats. There are plenty of other familiar faces popping up around Riverdale as well. Lochlyn Munro and Mädchen Amick portray Betty Cooper’s highly unstable parental figures, and the beautiful Marisol Nichols is wonderful as the town pariah Hermione Lodge.

Well the CW Network has given us another season of Riverdale. Whether or not you watch it is entirely up to you the viewers. Are you a hard core Archie Comics fan that can’t stomach the winds of change, or are you a train wreck rubbernecker that just can’t turn away no matter how ugly it gets? Either way I’d love to hear your opinion on the show and it’s renewal for a second season. You can reach me on twitter @geeky_goddess01 and join in the speculation as to #WhoKilledJasonBlossom. 

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