Review: The Walking Dead #112, WTF Was Rick Thinking!?

Ok so we kind of had an idea that something big was on the horizon when Image announced the upcoming All Out War  story arc. This story arc will begin in October with book 115 and will be released bi-weekly through book 126.  But little did we know what was in store this week.

****Spoilers Ahead****

With the previous issue ending with Negan showing up to town a day early and making himself at home that there was bound to be some fireworks.  The first part of the book is largely what we expected, Rick shows up surprised to see Negan is already there.  Negan gets quite irritated that Rick is upset that Negan killed Spencer since he did it standing up for Rick.  They sort things out and Negan is grab his supplies that Rick owes him and it appears that they will go on they separate ways. But when Negan starts to leave he has Andrea open fire from the bell tower and quickly coordinates an attack as they leave.

I know Rick was trying to take advantage of an opportunity but he had all the plans set up to orchestrate a full on attack.  It was a rash decision that got him into some serious trouble as he finds out that Negan’s people DO have guns and they shoot back with full force. Not only did they have guns, but they also had back up. They manage to shoot Rick and capture him.  It will be interesting how the next 2 books set up what appears will be a war against Negan to get Rick back.

This book, like every other Walking Dead book is a must read. So what do you think,  did Rick make the right decision in attempting to kill Negan? Or was it rash thought that he should have ignored? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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