War At the Very Gates of Hell – Review of “TEN GRAND” #7

TenGrand07-coverJoe Fitzgerald is not stupid…he knows he’s being set up.  But by whom, and for what purpose?  Right now, the only thing that matters is going straight into Hell itself to resuce the love of his life, Laura…and that’s where we pick up the story in “TEN GRAND”.


It’s amazing the things you learn when traveling with an angel…espcially this particular one, who is hated by both Heaven and Hell because he would not choose a side in their battle.  Joe and Jehoel travel together toward Hell, only to be attacked in what turns out to be a very fierce battle.  This battle is decided in a way that no one could expect…but that makes perfect sense in this tale.  As to how that ends…and what comes next…you’ll need to read “TEN GRAND”.

J. Michael Straczynski continue to script a highly compelling tale of love, redemption, loss, and the supernatural.  Joe is a flawed character with a lot of baggage in his life, with only two things on his side…the fact that he is smart enough to know when he being played, and the love he has for Laura.  That last point could yet get him killed…again, but he is driven enough by that love that he is willing to risk any danger to save her.  C.P. Smith’s illustrations are wonderfully strange, a perfect fit for this type of tale.  “TEN GRAND” has deservedly received a lot of critical acclaim…and if you want to know why, just pick up a copy and you’ll know.  “TEN GRAND” is a 5-star series, as is just about every title from the Joe’s Comics imprint at Image.

Ed is a long-time comics collector, going back to the days when comics were only 12 cents. He reviews DC titles and a variety of Indie publishers here at TMStash.

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