It’s Always Sunny In the Comic Industry With the Launch of DOBERMAN (Review)

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Do you like fast cars, sex, action, Bud heavy, and pretzel sticks?  Well so does Officer Frank Doberano, but you can call him The Doberman.  Doberman is cool, rude, reckless, and everything we missed about the 80’s.  If Lt. Gabriel Cash and Sgt. Martin Riggs had a love child his name would be Frank Doberano, and then he would kick both their asses.

This twisted action comedy masterpiece, Doberman (IDW/Darby Pop), is the creation of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia writers Scott Marder and Rob Rossel, along with writer Jack Lambert. Brandon McKinney (Godzilla) provides the art, with color by Zac Atkinson.

We have already covered that Doberman is pretty frickin’ cool, but now let’s provide some real LIGHT SPOILERS to help entice you to go out and buy it.  This premiere issue is all about letting you know what kind of guy Frank “The Doberman” Doberano was “back in the day”.  He was the kind of guy who didn’t play by anyone’s rules when it came to women and bad guys. But like every tough guy action hero, he is eventually faced with a moment that makes him rethink everything – with a lot of brooding.

These guys (Marder, Rosell and Lambert) introduction into the comic business was quite the entrance.  On top of all the great machismo this issue has to offer, it was also full of the kind of satire, one liners, and cheesy humor I dream about on Wednesday mornings.  Not to mention the art by McKinney and Atkinson is almost as badass as Frank “The Doberman” Doberano himself. This issue is an obvious set up for something much bigger than a throwback 80’s cop story, but I hope that wherever it goes from here it is as good if not better than this!

I give this issue a 9 because it has solid art and a whole lot of wit.

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