Pressed to the Nines – Great Indie Titles for 4-30-2014

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The indie scene has some truly amazing titles, and even more must-read books that we could get to in our “10 Spot” feature.  THAT’s why we have “Pressed to the Nines”, books that rated a 9/10 on our review scale that are at your local comic shops NOW!  Let’s get started with…

LOKI: RAGNAROK AND ROLL #3 – This hilarious, gory and completely awesome title continues as Loki has to face…all the gods who are not so happy about his new status as a god of rock!  Will the faith of the rock fans be the edge Loki needs? Eric Esquivel writes and Jerry Gaylord pencils this wonderful series, with additinal inks from Penelope Gaylord and colors from Gabriel Cassata.  9/10

HACKTIVIST #4 – This final issue in the mini-series created by Alyssa Milano ends on a high note in Tunisia, as the American governement goes after Ed.  What choice will Nate make…and what impact will their actions have on the world?  If this does turn into a movie, I’ll be first in line.  The script by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly is wonderful, with excellent illustrations by the great Marcus To (with pencil assists from David Cutler) and colors by Ian Herring.  9/10

TALES OF HONOR #2 – This second issue from the Honorverse continues the legacy of the book series with one of the best characters we’ve seen in some time…Honor Harrington’s story is well worth adding to the pull list.  As she resists the attempts to break her, we see more of the path that brought her to this moment in time, and her story is gripping.  Matt Hawkins adapts this story into an excellent script, with great artwork from Sang-Il Jeong (with assist from Linda Sejic).  Easily a 9/10

TEN GRAND #9 – Joe Fitzgerald has a terrible choice to make…does he make a deal with Hell itself or risk his one true love Laura?  J. Michale Straczynski continues to raise the stakes in this excellent series, with great illustrations from C.P. Smith (with flashbacks from original series artist Ben Templesmith).  This series is a favorite of mine, and this issue is a great example of why.  9/10

That’s it for “Pressed to the Nines” for this week – but we still have the “Great Eights” to go!  And, keep checking back with TMStash throughout the week for all your news, reviews and commentary!

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