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The indie scene has some truly amazing titles, and even more must-read books that we could get to in our “10 Spot” feature. THAT’s why we have “Pressed to the Nines”, books that rated a 9/10 on our review scale that are at your local comic shops NOW! Let’s get started with…

DOCTOR SPEKTOR #2 (Dynamite) – Doc Spektor’s new assistant Abby may be feeling a little “lost”.  Her trip to buy devil’s claw root has turned her world, and Spektor’s world upside down!  This strange tale is expertly told by Mark Waid, with great artwork from Neil Edwards on pencils/inks and Jordan Boyd on colors.  9/10

QUANTUM AND WOODY #12 (Valiant) – This hilarious and amazing tale gives us HUGE reveals this issue!  Meet Tommy Edison!  Find out how the mind of Q&W’s father ended up in the body of Goat!  That, and so much more!  Another great tale by James Asmus with wonderful art from Wilfredo Torres, Erica Henderson and Joseph Cooper, and colors from Allen Passalaqua.  9/10

SIDEKICK #7 (Image/Joe’s Comics) – J. Michael Straczynski has broken down the archetype of the sidekick, utterly destroying the life of Barry Chase, a.k.a. Flyboy.  Now, Barry is ready to take on a NEW role and a new identity…just how far will he go after realizing his betrayal by his mentor?  With great artwork by Tom Mandrake and colors from HiFi, this is a must read. 9/10

THE TWILIGHT ZONE #3 (Dynamite) – Why does Diana keep hearing others’ thoughts?  And, why is she having visions of future devastation?  Could there be a connection to…something she presently has in her possession?  J. Michael Straczynski has the feel and tone of the classic show perfectly translated for the comics medium, with excellent artwork by Guiu Vilanova and colors from Vinicius Andrade.  9/10

That’s it for “Pressed to the Nines” for this week – but we still have the “Great Eights” to go! And, keep checking back with TMStash throughout the week for all your news, reviews and commentary!

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Ed is a long-time comics collector, going back to the days when comics were only 12 cents. He reviews DC titles and a variety of Indie publishers here at TMStash.

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