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The indie scene has some truly amazing titles, and even more must-read books that we could get to in our “10 Spot” feature. THAT’s why we have PRESSED TO THE NINES, books that rated a 9/10 on our review scale that are at your local comic shops NOW! Let’s get started with…

HEXED #4 (BOOM!) – Lucifer (no, not THAT one) lives! But, there both Madame Cymbaline and Yves want to change all that…and you’d think her biggest problem is having to wear that very nice dress Val gave her? Any connection here? You’ll have to read this excellent series to find more. It is a fantastic, action-packed adventure, written by Michael Alan Nelson, illustrated by Dan Mora and colored by Gabriel Cassata. 9/10

RESURRECTIONISTS #1 (Dark Horse) – Fred Van Lente knocks another one right out of the park with his new series! RESURRECTIONISTS follows a group of people who can not only remember their past lives, they can become them! But, as Van Lente notes, “first, they have to wake up.” Jericho Way hasn’t yet woken up…but he is beginning to do just that, and you WILL learn a lot about his past life…and more! A great story, paired with great artwork from Maurizio Rosenzweig on pencils, with inks and colors by Moreno Dinisio. 9/10

UNITY #12 (Valiant) – This is a great jumping on point for a wonderful series, as Faith (formerly of the Renegades) joins the team! Livewire gives her first interview, attempting to put a good face on all the tragedy and insanity surrounding their team and its missions. But, not everyone is ready to accept UNITY…and a NEW team is being built to face them head-on! Who are the UNITED? This is the start of another excellent arc for UNITY, written by Matt Kindt, illustrated by CAFU with Trevor Hairsine, and colored by Brian Reber. 9/10

THOMAS ALSOP #6 (BOOM!) – There is a box that can help the souls of all those lost in NYC on 9/11…but to get it back, Alsop will have to go through “Ole Smokey”…and that’s only part of this issue’s tale! We see how a previous “Hand of the Island” dealt with dangers that connect to today, and we see how some modern day folks are ready to stand in the way of Alsop’s plan. Another excellent issue in a very strange tale by Chris Miskiewicz, with a great tone in artwork set by Palle Schmidt. 9/10

SKYMAN ONE-SHOT (Dark Horse) – Everyone should check out the Project Black Sky line-up at Dark Horse – and Skyman is one very good reason why. I really enjoyed the limited series that featured Sgt. Eric Reid, and I’m glad to see this one-shot that tests the limits of his belt. The alien came through a strange rift…and whether that has a connection to Captain Midnights reappearance in our time isn’t answer here…but it does cause some changes to Skyman that will certainly have ramifications for future stories. This issue is scripted by Spencer Cushing, with pencils by Manuel Garcia, inks by Bit, and colors by Marta Martinez. 9/10

MPH #4 (Image) – If YOU could achieve super-speed, how would you use it? Would you gather up all the money and trinkets you could get? Would you keep all that stuff or use it to help others? That’s the debate…and the battle…between our trio of speedsters, driven by this very strange and powerful drug. Of course, there are others who are hunting them down…and we get some terrific action once again in this excellent series by Mark Millar, drawn by Duncan Fegredo, and colored/lettered by Peter Doherty. 9/10

EVIL EMPIRE #7 (BOOM!) – Anarchy in the United States is spreading across the world, as the mad vision of the Evil Empire continues to take hold. But, is there a way to undermine a government built on “do whatever you want to do?” Yes there is…if you can prove that the leader who says all that is a complete and total hypocrite! The way our rebels (who are rebelling against rebellion, I suppose) deal with that is pure genius…but to see whether it works you’ll need to get in on the chaotic fun of EVIL EMPIRE, written by Max Bemis, drawn by Andrea Mutti, and colored by Chris Blythe. 9/10

That’s it for “Pressed to the Nines” for this week – but we still have the “Great Eights” to go! And, keep checking back with TMStash throughout the week for all your news, reviews and commentary!

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