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The indie scene has some truly amazing titles, and even more must-read books that we could get to in our “10 Spot” feature. THAT’s why we have PRESSED TO THE NINES, books that rated a 9/10 on our review scale that are at your local comic shops NOW! Let’s get started with…

DOCTOR WHO: THE TENTH DOCTOR #2 (Titan) – This series has picked up during the time the Doctor was traveling alone after Donna Noble, and it gives us a worthy companion in Gabby Gonzalez of Brooklyn NY.  We see more of the psychosphere surrounding Earth, with all it’s wonder…and danger! This is an excellent tale by Nick Abadzis, beautifully rendered by Elena Casagrande (along with Michele Pasta, Paolo villanelli, Arianna Florean, and Azzurra Florean).  Any fan of the Doctor will love this series, easily 9/10

X-O MANOWAR #28 (Valiant) – This is the story of Malgam – his origin, how he ended up with his own version of the Armor, and why he is such a tortured soul today.  Robert Venditti writes an excellent chapter to the ARMOR HUNTERS event, with wonderful artwork by Diego Bernard, Alisson Rodrighes and Romula Fajardo.  ARMOR HUNTERS is the event of the summer – and this chapter is 9/10!

EVIL EMPIRE #4 (BOOM!) – This story continues to surprise and impress, with shocking revelations at every turn.  And, this issue has more than one BIG shocker! What happens with the election results are in? A lot more than ANYONE bargained for! Max Bemis has a riveting script, matched by the excellent artwork of Andrea Mutti (with colors by Chris Blythe).  Definitely worth at least a 9/10

DREAM POLICE #4 (Image/Joe’s Comics) – Joe’s visions of the partner he “never had” continue to come back…when can we expect to see that partner? In the dream world anything is possible…but this? There’s a deepening mystery here that takes a serious turn with the appearance of Frank Stafford, and the tale just gets better by the issue.  J. Michael Straczynski is on top of his game with the script, with excellent artwork by Sid Kotian (with colors by HiFi).  9/10

That’s it for “Pressed to the Nines” for this week – but we still have the “Great Eights” to go! And, keep checking back with TMStash throughout the week for all your news, reviews and commentary!

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Ed is a long-time comics collector, going back to the days when comics were only 12 cents. He reviews DC titles and a variety of Indie publishers here at TMStash.

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