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Welcome back to PRESSED TO THE 9’s, our look at some of the best indie comics available at your comic shop NOW! This week you’ll find X-O MANOWAR #8 and ETERNITY #1, both from Valiant, along with WAYWARD #24 from Image! Let’s get started with…

X-O MANOWAR #8 (Valiant) – Aric of Dacia has learned many lessons over the years, including all the lessons he learned from his dad. What do they, and his armor, have to do with this story? They play into the lessons he learns now…and the lessons of today help to add even more to the amazing nobility and power of this outstanding character. Can Aric win the day…and what will that mean if he in turn becomes…Emperor? Matt Kindt scripts this great story, with artwork by Clayton Crain and Renato Guedes (who give “special thanks” to Khari Evans). 9/10

ETERNITY #1 (Valiant) – We revisit the amazing world of Divinity once again, and see once again that nothing can ever truly stay “normal” for those with the power of gods. There is a new status quo for Abram and Myshka…but even that doesn’t last for long as they encounter those who call themselves The Eternity. This looks like the start of another milestone series for Valiant. Scripted by Matt Kindt and illustrated by Trevor Hairsine (pencils), Ryan Winn (inks) and David Baron (colors).  9/10

WAYWARD #24 (Image) – The most beautifully written and illustrated book in comics today continues with an amazing battle that takes us to Tír Na Nóg!  This combination of Japanese and Irish lore leads us to a fantastic fight…and a heartbreaking betrayal. It’s fantastic and beautiful, action packed and emotional, uplifting and heartbreaking all at once. WAYWARD is scripted by Jim Zub, and illustrated by Steven Cummings with colors by Tamra Bonvillain. 9/10

That’s it for our Pressed to the 9’s list for this week…don’t miss out on The 10 Spot to see more of the very best in indie comics!

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