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Welcome back to PRESSED TO THE 9’s, our look at some of the best indie comics available at your comic shop NOW! This week you’ll find RED SONJA #4 from Dynamite, and STAR TREK/GREEN LANTERN: STRANGER WORLDS #5 from IDW and DC! Let’s get started with:

RED SONJA V4 #4 (Dynamite) – Sonja is finally face-to-face with Kulan Gath, who somehow made it to (close to) modern times in the 1800s and has become richer and more powerful with each year. But, there is also one more time traveler to be revealed as the battle begins…and while it makes perfect sense it’s still a great reveal. Amy Chu is doing a wonderful job of mixing the iconic elements of the She-Devil with a Sword with today’s world, and I’m enjoying every page. Carlos Gomez is also spot-on with the pencils and inks, with excellent colors by Mohan. Fans of Red Sonja – DO NOT MISS this series! 9/10

STAR TREK/GREEN LANTERN: STRANGER WORLDS #5 (IDW/DC) – Of all the strange crossovers we’ve seen lately involving DC characters, THIS is my favorite! Writer Mike Johnson captures the best qualities of both universes while driving forward a unique and highly entertaining story. We’ve see what various color rings can do to some of the more famous members of Star Trek lore, and we’ve seen the Guardians who reside in the Star Trek universe working with their version of the Manhunters, but are they ready to create…something more? Wait till you get a load of this issue! Great artwork as well from Angel Hernandez, with colors by Mark Roberts. 9/10

That’s it for our Pressed to the 9’s list for this week…don’t miss out on our 10 SPOT and GREAT 8’s lists to see more of the very best in indie comics!

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