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Welcome back to PRESSED TO THE 9’s, our look at some of the best indie comics available at your comic shop NOW! This week you’ll find RED SONJA Vol. 4 #7 from Dynamite, HARBINGER RENEGADE #6 from Valiant, and DOCTOR WHO: ONGOING ADVENTURES OF THE NINTH DOCTOR #15 from Titan! Let’s get started with…

RED SONJA Vol. 4 #7 (Dynamite) – The She-Devil With A Sword decides to take a trip across the America of today – what could possibly go wrong? Sonja finds adventure as only she can, dealing with a biker gang of drug dealers and taking on a new mission along the way. Writer Amy Chu continues to give us an outstanding story, using today’s challenges to showcase the best qualities of this iconic character. Carlos Gomez’ illustrations (colored by Mohan) are right o the money. This is the start of a great arc for Sonja. 9/10

HARBINGER RENEGADE #6 (Valiant) – After the [REDACTED] events of last issue, writer Rafer Roberts takes a step back to give us a tale from long ago, about “The Alpha” – a being (psiot?) of immense power and the effort to bring him down. It is more than speculation that THIS issue will have ripples that impact the Renegades of today, so don’t miss this one. It is different in tone that any other issue of HARBINGER RENEGADE…and still an exceptional story. Juan José Ryp illustrates with Andrew Dalhouse on colors. Another excellent issue! 9/10

DOCTOR WHO: ONGOING ADVENTURES OF THE NINTH DOCTOR #15 (Titan) – “The Bidding War” ends here in spectacular fashion, as the bidding commences…and ends…for the memories of the Doctor! Writer Cavan Scott continues to have a perfect handle on stories of the Ninth Doctor, and I’m enjoying every page. The art by Cris Bolson & Adriana Melo (with colors by Marco Lesko) is outstanding, with multiple page layouts ranging from big splash pages to at least one page with over a dozen panels…and it all flows seamlessly. 9/10

That’s it for our Pressed to the 9’s list for this week…don’t miss out on The 10 Spot to see more of the very best in indie comics!


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