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Welcome back to PRESSED TO THE 9’s, our look at some of the best indie comics available at your comic shop NOW! This week you’ll find INFINITE 7 #8 from Action Lab’s Danger Zone imprint, and DOCTOR WHO: THE LOST DIMENSION OMEGA from Titan! Let’s get started with…

INFINITE SEVVEN #8 (Action Lab/Danger Zone) – This epic adventure comes to a “season-ending” chapter, but not without throwing everything creators Dave Dwonch (script) and Arturo Mesa (art, with colors by Geraldo Filho) could throw at it.  The new Smash Brannigan has become a truly formidable fighter, and he will need all his skills to survive this battle…and to survive the betrayal of someone very important to the team! This has been a great powered-up action thriller from the beginning, and if we had to come to a pause for the series, it couldn’t pause on a higher note. Can’t wait till this series picks up again! 9/10

DOCTOR WHO: THE LOST DIMENSION OMEGA (Titan) – The annual crossovers of the Doctors has been a high point for Titan, and the conclusion of THIS one lives up to every expectation! You may be dizzy with the plethora of Doctors hanging around, but they come together to end the latest threat in a brilliantly scripted and illustrated issue. The final chapter of this crossover is written by George Mann and Cavan Scott, and illustrated by Mariano Laclaustra (with assist by Fer Centurion).  Any fan of the Doctor (any of them) will absolutely LOVE this crossover mini-series! Grab this issue…in fact go back and grab the rest while you’re at it! 9/10

That’s it for our Pressed to the 9’s list for this week…don’t miss out on The 10 Spot to see more of the very best in indie comics!

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