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Welcome back to PRESSED TO THE 9’s, our look at some of the best indie comics available at your comic shop NOW! This week you’ll find FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #4 from Valiant, BITCH PLANET TRIPLE FEATURE #5, SHIRTLESS BEAR FIGHTER #5, and KILL OR BE KILLED #13, all from Image, and DOLLFACE #10 from Action Lab’s Danger Zone imprint! This week we have input from mega reviewer Stacy “Geeky Goddess” Lott! Let’s get started with…

FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #4 (Valiant) – Jody Houser has been giving us SO much fun with this series!  Neela and Faith realize that Faith is simply not enough to stop this reality-ending threat…not even with the greatest heroes of the Valiant Universe at their side. So, how to stop the bad guys here? No spoilers…you really need to read this one for yourself! The artwork by Cary Nord with Brian Thies (colors by Ulises Arreola) is perfect. I’ve enjoyed every panel of this mini-series! 9/10

BITCH PLANET TRIPLE FEATURE #5 (Image) – This outstanding anthology series continues with stories by Matt Fraction & Elsa Charretier (“Everyone’s Grandma Is A Little Bit Feminist), Jon Tsuei & Saskia Gutekunst (“Mirror, Mirror”) and Bassey Nyambi, Eyang Nambi, Nyambi Nyambi & Chris Visions (“Basic Bitch”).  Where to start? All the stories are amazing, fitting perfectly within the world of BITCH PLANET.  I only wish I could say these stories could never happen, or that something like them has never happened…but BECAUSE it HAS happened and STILL happens, we need BITCH PLANET. A great anthology – don’t miss it! 9/10

SHIRTLESS BEAR FIGHTER #5 (Image) – Review by Stacy “Geeky Goddess” Lott – “I had to see what all the hype was about, and I’m telling you it’s 100% legit. Shirtless Bear-Fighter is so fricking entertaining I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry because it was so outlandish and hilarious. The potty humor and bear puns are in full effect. The villain is obsessed with toilets and literal crap, the main character is a giant naked man wrestling with bears and I question if life can get any better.” CLICK HERE for Stacy’s FULL take on SHIRTLESS BEAR FIGHTER! 9/10

DOLLFACE #10 (Action Lab/Danger Zone) – Review by Stacy “Geeky Goddess” Lott – ” The tale of Lila Thorsguard, or Dollface: The Ball-Jointed Witch Hunter is written and created by the perversely ingenuous mind of Dan Mendoza. Lila’s story takes place in the same world as Zombie Tramp and Vampblade along with the newest chick on the block Black Betty. What Dan and his minions have created here is a whole world of sexpot superheros that kick ass and totally rock! ” CLICK HERE for Stacy’s FULL take on DOLLFACE! 9/10

KILL OR BE KILLED #13 (Image) – By now we know that demon thing was just an hallucination…right? Still, the urge to kill to make things right hasn’t completely gone away. And, there are some surprising, even shocking revelations that come out of a visit to mom’s house…in one of the most intense storylines in comics today. Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, and Elizabeth Breitweiser continue to more than impress with this series. KILL OR BE KILLED is definitely mature fare…done exceptionally well.  9/10

That’s it for our Pressed to the 9’s list for this week…don’t miss out on The 10 Spot and The Great 8s to see more of the very best in indie comics!


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Ed is a long-time comics collector, going back to the days when comics were only 12 cents. He reviews DC titles and a variety of Indie publishers here at TMStash.

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