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Welcome back to PRESSED TO THE 9’s, our look at some of the best indie comics available at your comic shop NOW! This week you’ll find DREAM POLICE #12 from Image/Joe’s Comics, SURGEON X #1 from Image, GENERATION ZERO #2 from Valiant, and the FOURTH DOCTOR #5 and TWELFTH DOCTOR #2.9 from Titan! Let’s get started with…

DREAM POLICE #12 (Image/Joe’s Comics) – This amazing Dragnet meets Twilight Zone story does what few finales have been able to accomplish – DREAM POLICE gives us surprising twists without violating the core of the story, giving us a wonderful send-off to an excellent series.  The artwork by Sid Kotian (with colors by HiFi) has been consistently excellent throughout this series. If J. Michael Straczynski is getting ready to leave comics, a sad thought for this comics fan, he’s at least leaving us a wealth of excellent stories…and I have enjoyed every moment, every page of DREAM POLICE. 9/10

SURGEON X #1 (Image) – This may be the first time I was drawn to a series by the name of the editor…but Karen Berger’s name drew me in. The story takes us into a future that is horrific…and all too plausible. It takes present concerns about antibiotic resistant disease and the rising xenophobia in parts of society and blows it up to an extreme we can only hope never happens.  Who gets treatment when resources are so limited? How do you choose? Who gets to choose? And, what if you go against that system? It’s a powerful story by Sara Kenney, with amazing artwork by John Watkiss and colors by James Devlin. 9/10

GENERATION ZERO #2 (Valiant) – This series has a bit of an “A-Team” feel…only significantly cooler, much more powerful, and a lot more fun. Fred Van Lente is one of the best writers in comics today, and his handling of this group of psiots gives you one more example why. Van Lente proves you can tell a story about young people without falling into the predictable teen-angst tale. If you want a good story with just the right amount of edge, this is your book. The artwork is outstanding, thanks to Francis Portela, with colors by the always amazing Andrew Dalhouse. 9/10

DOCTOR WHO: THE FOURTH DOCTOR #5 (Titan) – Maybe it’s because I grew up with the Fourth Doctor (yes, I’m THAT old), but truthfully it’s more that this is an OUTSTANDING story. “The Gaze of the Medusa” ends exceptionally well in this issue, and I can only wish for more from my (make that MY) Doctor. This captures the Tom Baker doctor very well, thanks to writers Gordon Rennie & Emma Beeby. Artist Brian Williamson is spot-on in bringing the images to life, with colors by Hi-Fi. 9/10

DOCTOR WHO: THE TWELFTH DOCTOR YEAR TWO #9 (Titan) – This issue is a fun respite from the intensity of recent tales, with a delicious mystery that lets the art tell much of the story. I love these kind of tales – it shows the quality of the partnership between script and art, and this team is definitely working well together. Writer George Mann and artist Rachel Stott (with colors by Alexandre Siqueira) are doing a great job with the Twelfth Doctor. 9/10

That’s it for our Pressed to the 9’s list for this week…don’t miss out on our 10 SPOT and GREAT 8’s lists to see more of the very best in indie comics!

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