A “Present Tense” Farewell for CLEAN ROOM

CLEAN ROOM completes a stellar first “season” with issue #18…unfortunately its last issue for the time being (we can always hope for more). Such is how comics sales go from time to time, though I must point out that as of the day of this writing, CLEAN ROOM is #50 in digital sales on the comiXology site, not too shabby). This is Gail Simone at her finest…and most gruesome…and most twisted…and that’s what makes CLEAN ROOM so amazing.

CLEAN ROOM is (I refuse to say “was”) an outstanding horror story and a dark mirror that reflects the best and worst of humanity. You start with the mystery surrounding a cult…then you’ll drop through the rabbit hole into deeper and deeper secrets as you explore this amazing tale. The cast of characters develop well throughout the series…each dealing with significant crisis moments in ways that are at times truly surprising.

The artwork is outstanding, if purposely disturbing. Jon Davis-Hunt, and later Walter Geovani (also seen as artist for RED SONJA with Simone) deliver the punch that the script demands with each issue. The monsters in THIS series will haunt your dreams for a very long time. This is an in-your-face tale from issue #1 through #18 – and hopefully at some point in time with more issues to come.

In case you are not picking up on my train of thought, I’m purposely doing my best to avoid past tense in this article…I refuse (make that REFUSE) to believe that this is it for CLEAN ROOM. This is a different side of Gail Simone’s (obviously twisted) imagination than we normally get to see…and hopefully we will see more of her amazing talent (and twisted mind – that’s meant to be a compliment) very soon.

Ed is a long-time comics collector, going back to the days when comics were only 12 cents. He reviews DC titles and a variety of Indie publishers here at TMStash.

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