Playstation 4 to Support 4K Content but not games

Polygon reported that the Playstation 4 will support 4k output for videos and photos but not for games according to president Shuhei Yoshida. It appears that SOny will use the PS4 as their 4k content delivery box. For gamers this is a huge blow for next gen gaming. Anyone whole followed CES this year knows that the future of televisions is 4K and Sony was one of the largest vendors at CES pushing 4k with their 4k OLED televisions. Every television manufacturer had a 4k TV at CES and Vizio, Samsung and LG confirmed that they would be shipping 4k televisions this year. While sony is already shipping their 84 in 4K television for $24,999.99. While this is out of the price range for 99% of everyone it is a testament to where the future of televisions is going. While Vizio did not announce any pricing at CES on thier 4k televisions they are known are value and they certainly will not be selling a $25k television. These televisions are only a couple years from widespread adoption.
With that being said how futureproof is the PS4 without 4k gaming? Share your comments below.



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