No Romance is No Problem For Tony McDougall *New Comic Book Review*

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I’m so very lucky to get the opportunity to review yet another comic book from the creative mind behind Hero Killer. Tony McDougall once again brings his creativity to the pages of a comic book, but this book is something very different. Taking a giant step away from the superhero genre Tony’s newest comic book is called No Romance. This 5 part series is like a dating manual for the millennials. I’ve read the entire 5 issues and I can genuinely say that I was eager to read each and every one. It was hard for me to believe that someone who just wrote a killer book about grizzly superhero murders could turn around and produce something so funny and relatable, but that is exactly what Tony has done with No Romance.

**Read on here for my semi-spoiler synopsis and review of this cool new book!**

Teaming up once again with Markosia Publishing that brought us Hero Killer, Tony McDougall has turned the tables on the dating world with his newest comic book No Romance. No Romance takes a fun, candid look into the dating habits of the millennial male. There have been plenty of dating books, movies and television series written about women but now Tony is pulling back the curtains and giving us a view into the male mind. Let me start by saying that this book is very cleverly written with humor and a healthy dose of reality. No Romance follows the dating adventures of Matt, Dave and John who are just enjoying life and trying to find what we all want; love, acceptance and companionship. These three 30 something friends’ struggles with dating are very real and very different for each guy. The series starts with all 3 dudes at a bar. All at very different stages of acceptance towards their single status. Matt is very attractive and very eager to date and find Mrs. Right. He reminds me a little of Archie Andrews in all the right ways. Then there is Dave who struggles with his fear of commitment and internet dating. Finally there is Jon who is the quintessential anti-dater. I love how all three men are so very different and still end up on a very similar journey that is shared with us throughout the 5 issues of No Romance.

No Romance gives us a humorous but yet realistic view into what a roller-coaster ride the current dating scene can be and the struggles we all face to find love. Jon, Matt and Dave could very well be the guys sitting just down the bar from you tonight. I don’t want to give away too much of what happens in these books because it’s so much fun to read them yourself. I can totally picture these three characters being played by Robert Downey Jr,  James Spader and Judd Nelson in an 80’s John Hughes film. It’s really that relatable and adaptable. Plus when you throw in some poppin artwork from Rhoda Villegas you have an undeniable success. The colors are bright and fun and I just adore the characters expressions. The women are especially well done in my opinion.

If your looking for a good read with some laughs then No Romance is the book for you. If your a fan of fun then you can’t say no to this new book. I have to give Tony McDougall total props for breaking into a new genre and doing it very well. That isn’t always easy to do and he makes it look effortless. No Romance scores a 9/10 for me and only looses a point because it ends and I wanted so much more of Dave, Jon and Matt. I secretly hope there is more to come because I am rooting for these fellas to find love!

You can find No Romance issues #1 and #2 on right now. Issue #3 will be released here very soon on October 18th, with #4 and #5 following up on November 1st and 15th. Think Archie meets Sex in the City and you’ll have a little idea as to how fun No Romance is to read.

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