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Every Wednesday new comic books are released into the world. There are more new books than you can shake a stick at. The decisions that have to be made every week are excruciating, even for me. I must decide which books get to come home with me and which must be left on the shelf. With the big 2 (DC and Marvel) the choices are easy to make, I mean everyone has a favorite Dark Knight or Blue Boyscout but with the Indie titles things get much more complicated. There are more companies putting out quality books than ever before. Some of the top writing and art come from Image, Boom Studios, Aftershock and IDW. Most people haven’t even heard of these companies let alone the amazing work they are producing. Our mission here at is to promote these companies and books. I would love to pick 4 books each week that really stand out for me and that are worth both your time and money. These are the best of the best each week in my opinion. Besides money time is the most valuable thing you can spend so I want you to spend it wisely.

Here are the 4 books I have chosen this week as exceptional, each in their own unique ways.  I hope you can find the time and/or the money to at least pick up one of these titles this week.

I’m giving you my generic spoiler alert as I’m sure there will be some to follow.

The first book I would like to call attention to this week is Animosity: Evolution #1. Written by the wickedly sharp mind of Marguerite Bennett and with outstanding art from Eric Gapstur. This is the newest tale in the highly acclaimed Animosity series from Aftershock Comics. While Animosity #10 (out this week as well) continues the tale of the main character Jessie; Evolution is the story of Jessie’s half bother Adam and the mysterious wolf-malamute hybrid named Wintermute. If you are a fan of this series; which if you’ve even picked up one issue you are, then this new ongoing series is a natural evolution for you. For new readers this is a chance to get on board with an amazing series that will make you really think. I’ve been such a huge fan of this book from inception. The artwork has always been top notch and with Eric Gapstur this is no exception. I easily give Animosity: Evolution a 10/10. You can’t go wrong investing a little time and money into this series.

While the Animosity series will make you think and take a hard look at the world; Shirtless Bear-Fighter #5 is going to give you a break from all that seriousness. If you are just looking for some wild, naked fun then Shirtless is the right choice for you. Second in my pics for this week is Shirtless Bear-Fighter #5 from Image comics. Written by Jody Leheup and Sebastian Girner with stunning art by Nil Vendrell. My friends over at SoCal Games and Comics raved about this book from issue #1. I had to see what all the hype was about, and I’m telling you it’s 100% legit. Shirtless Bear-Fighter is so fricking entertaining I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry because it was so outlandish and hilarious. The potty humor and bear puns are in full effect. The villain is obsessed with toilets and literal crap, the main character is a giant naked man wrestling with bears and I question if life can get any better. Shirtless Bear Fighter is way better than its title may lead you to believe. It is clever, fast and a downright enjoyable read. While issue #5 is out this week, the collected edition will be out later this year as well. I give Shirtless Bear-Fighter a 9/10 and my prediction that it will totally put a smile on your face.

If a naked man wrestling a bear just isn’t your thing (while it’s totally mine), then maybe you prefer a pretty paranormal paramour. I’m talking about the utterly adorable ass kicking Dollface. The tale of Lila Thorsguard, or Dollface: The Ball-Jointed Witch Hunter is written and created by the perversely ingenuous mind of Dan Mendoza. Lila’s story takes place in the same world as Zombie Tramp and Vampblade along with the newest chick on the block Black Betty. What Dan and his minions have created here is a whole world of sexpot superheros that kick ass and totally rock! Dollface #10 continues on Lila’s solo quest to get revenge on all the witches responsible for killing her family, while over in DangerDoll Squad she is teaming up with the other divas of disaster for a different mission. Dollface #10 scores a 9/10 for me, and I would love to hear what you think of Dan Mendoza’s little darling Dollface.

My final pick of the week is so completely different from anything else I just had to save it for last. This brand new book comes to us from IDW Publishing. Not exactly the IDW you are use to but the new mature side of IDW called Black Crown. Spearheaded by former Vertigo/DC editor Shelly Bond, this new side of IDW is right up my ally. The first book published under Black Crown is undeniably dark, twisted and wicked. Written by Peter Milligan and with art from Rat Queen artist Tess Fowler, Kid Lobotomy #1 has made quite the impression on me. At first I was going to dismiss it simply because of the title alone, then I saw the cover by Tess and I decided to give it a read. I am so happy that I took a chance on something new with this book. Kid Lobotomy #1 is the beginning of a twisted tale unlike any other I have ever read. I want to tell you what happens in this book so bad, but I’m not even sure I know what has happened. Kid Lobotomy is the story of a young man, his twisted sister, his controlling father, and a super creepy hotel that would give Norman Bates nightmares. If your tastes lean towards the macabre, or your fascination leans more towards morbid mayhem then Kid Lobotomy is sure to be a hit with you. This is the perfect book for Halloween time too!  I’m giving this debut issue a 10/10 for its creative and unique concept, plus Tess’s art really adds to the whole creep factor this book has in spades. I could write an entire review just on this one book alone. Kid Lobotomy #1 is my top choice for new book of the week. This one is really worth both your time and money.

If you get the chance to pick up one of these comic books this week please drop me a line and let me know what you think. You can find/follow me on Twitter @geeky_goddess01 or drop me an email

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