“MONSTERS! AND OTHER STORIES” – Delightfully Twisted Tales from Dark Horse

monster and other stories coverDark Horse has released the American debut of artist Gustavo Duarte, and their description is accurate – this is “one of the most visually arresting works in comics”.    This book relies totally on the artwork to drive the story – no word or thought balloons.  Yet, the stories move along at an excellent pace, delightfully twisted with humor and horror in perfect balance.


There are three stories in this volume – in “Co!”, a farmer is abducted by aliens…and that’s just the start of the strange happenings.  In “Birds”, two birds in business together try to run from their fate, only to find that changing the future is a much more difficult task than one might think.  Finally, in “Monsters!” giant beasts threaten the city…can anyone save the day?  Each stories is full of fun, with surprise endings that cap each tale perfectly.

This book is reminiscient of the classic cartoons of yesteryear, that told great stories without uttering a single word.   The artwork is so expressive that word and thought balloons are simply not necessary.   The art style is almost whimsical, providing an excellent counterpoint to the horror thrown into the tales.  If you love sequential art for art’s sake, this is an excellent volume to buy.  It’s available now in comic stores for $12.99, and will be available in book stores January 28th.

Ed is a long-time comics collector, going back to the days when comics were only 12 cents. He reviews DC titles and a variety of Indie publishers here at TMStash.

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